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  1. hiya Thomas ... how's things with U ? u still going to the event in KSR tomorrow night ?


  2. No great suprise here...Things on the crime front is a bit out of control. I hope that they start to stop looking at just the number of arrivals and seriously try to fix the issues, as many people are already starting to flock to their neighbors.
  3. Q) How do you make a women have an orgasm? A) How cares – it’s all about ME!!!
  4. You have a lovely vertical smile...Can I french kiss it?
  5. I am wondering; are you sweet and sour as well? Oh yeah, the sooup looks yummy too ...
  6. thomaswd

    too big

    Must have the beer as well...and the warm company too...
  7. Looks very yummy to me...
  8. Q) Why did the woman cross the road? A) It is not a matter of why a woman crossed the road; who in the hell gave her a pair of shoes and let her out of the kitchen in the first place?
  9. Well you know it isn't about being too fit...It's about remembering; as they say...it ain't going to suck itself!!!
  10. Him: You remind me of the perfect combination of 11 herbs and spices. Her: Why is that? Him: Because you’re looking finger licking good!!!
  11. They are always great to look at...Outside of that, they are simply over rated sweat glands...It is the nipples where it is really at...
  12. Give me the good sex please and a good talker at the same time...I want to eat my cake with the icing...
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