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  1. The Service industry is all about providing service...and good,professional service at that , irrespective of the client/customer/guest's attitude.Tip only if genuinely warranted(in Thailand it often is)- and if service charge is included in the bill and you've had a crap experience,deduct it.Simple Spot on...
  2. It was named after a character from Moby ****
  3. I tried using them.... but so hard to light....
  4. Bayern Munich Liverpool Man Utd Valencia
  5. Have been to China many times and really loved it. The forbidden city in Beijing, visiting The Great Wall, the terracotta army in Xian, the beaches and island in Xiamen, exploring the city in Shanghai, shopping in Shenzhen and dining next to the Pearl river in Guangzhou... All wonderful, although you do need to either speak Chinese or have a Chinese speaker with you...
  6. Parkinsons or Alzheimers - which is would you rather have? Parkinsons - better to spill half of your beer than forget where the f**k you put it....
  7. Happy Birthday pretty lady xx
  8. icebear45

    Polar Bears

    Love polar bears, hence name... :-)
  9. White Rabbit - Jefferson Airplane http://song2play.com/j/jefferson_airplane-3859/the_best_of_jefferson_airplane-17799/white_rabbit-236179.html
  10. I find quotes like 'conspiracy theory' and 'new world order' extremely amusing....
  11. Get her to watch goodghost's new world order video? :-) :-) :-)
  12. What really annoys me about all this are the non smokers who decide to take this to almost religious proportion. Yes I smoke and fully understand that non smokers do not like this and have a right to have smoke free air (not counting cars, factories, powerstations, deforestation, cooking, open fires, barbeques, etc. etc.) I fully agree with non smoking in public areas and restaurants. All I am asking for is some nice well ventilated areas set aside for us 'addicts' A nice local restaurant here where I live is non smoking, no problem... but it also has a cigar bar upstairs for serving after din
  13. Some TF members have some kind of ActiveX thing on their profiles. This crashes my explorer browser to the site when I go to the profile Anyone know why?
  14. True...they weren't...but all financed by the same source..... Really... :shock: Which source?
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