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  1. Thank u for some answers in a range of my subject. As i can see period from the beginning of March to the end of May is the time higher school students can hv holidays. This is the time it's worth to be in Bangkok. I'v got many Thai girl friends in Bangkok so I hope to meet some of them. Well, maybe I will teach some Thai people for example English, swimming, abt computers n maybe use other my experiences to meet many Thai people in this way. I don't think abt only women now. What Bangkok can give foreigners is the possibilty to know many Thai people. Of course I mean only nice ones...(with
  2. "There are two semesters in Thai academic year with an optional summer semester. From kindergarten to high school the first semester opens from mid May and continues until the end of September. The second semester lasts from November until end of February (or early March). The university academic year is slightly different, lasting from June to October and mid November to mid March." So according to this information holidays for students r from mid March to the end of May. I know that April n May r hottest n not recommended but nothing i can do...
  3. I think abt going to Thailand next year for 2 months n come back not later than May (im gonna visit an island like Phangan for 2 weeks before fon season). I'm gonna stay in Bkk for 5-6 weeks then i think abt meeting many Thai women. Well, people r usually busy so i must know when Thai students of higher schools hv holidays? Precise informations abt ranges of holidays in the summer will help me to choose the right time to go to Thailand. Unfortunately my Thai friends say different things abt students' holidays - 2 weeks one says another 2 months (summer holidays)??? I can't understand why i
  4. Oh, so maybe normal girls r here too. I really wonder why on chat i meet so many nice girls but here everybody interpret my words in the worst way n is more or less offensive to me. Is someone easy-going here? Rude replies i will just ignore...
  5. ... Thai forums abt relationships in English language?
  6. I'm looking for couples in the same situation - Thai woman n Polish man. Now I'v got email contact to one Polish man in this situation. We hv the same goal - to marry w/our Thai ladies. What for is it? Many things: - this women can be in touch n exchange their experiences, - i need many information: how to take her to Poland in the easiest n cheapest way? , what r the biggest culture differences between Thailand n Poland n so on... So is it Thai woman here who has Polish experiences?
  7. Of course, ladies in this forum r very educated. But i would like to congratulate then for their many nice responses. What is a conclusion: if she speaks English too well, it's not good too. N of course what i say is my statistically taken opinion, not abt everyone. Khop khun krap for responses which have shown me good usage of English language.
  8. My dream is that my Thai gf speak English well... Well, only my dream... now it is terribly abt it. Why do Thai girls speak English not well?
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