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  1. Thanks for the offer, Rob. And congrats on the family addition. Did not know they build the BTS out that far.
  2. Your left out the most important skill in your sales pitch, though: can you actually cut hair? Not that I am particularly handsome, but the idea would be to be more handsome after your treatment - so, it's part your responsibility.
  3. That's why I am willing to spend 800. No offense, Cherie.
  4. Just came out of Pargon: haircut 700-1200 baht. Under which rock do you live? The problem with the local 150 baht hair salons is that my Thai doesn't measure up to explain what I want.... Not that the Paragon girls speak any better English.
  5. I hope I am not violating any TF rules here (as my post might be construed as solicitation), but I need a haircut. My usual hair stylist bailed town and I am in need. So, does anybody have any recommendations? I am willing to pay up to 800 baht (that's my limit, not what I usually pay), but I want somebody who knows what (s)he is doing. I am in central BKK - anywhere the BTS is going is fine. I am a difficult customer - some call me anal (and that's not a sexual reference, for the jokers amongst you). But I want somebody with decent English so I can explain what I want and somebody who takes his/her time. Any good suggestions / or hairstylists here?
  6. It takes one to know one...
  7. BKK has an airport! :shock: :shock: BKK is one of Bangkok's airports. Don Muang, formerly coded BKK, was recoded DMK with the opening of Suvarnabhumi (BKK). But, you all knew this... And how do you calculate the Dew Point again? :roll: The dew point is the temperature point, for a given atmospheric condition, at which its contained (invisible) water vapor would fall out (condense) as visible fog or clouds. It is a measure for relative humidity. It is given with the current temperature. For example, in BKK, a typical report could read: Temperature 32, dew point 28. The spread between the temperature and the dew point tells you how humid it is. The smaller the spread, the higher the relative humidity. A spread of "0", in our example, temperature 32, dew point 32, would mean there is fog, i.e. relative humidity of 100%. I hope that clears it up. Need the formula?
  8. BKK has an airport! :shock: :shock: BKK is one of Bangkok's airports. Don Muang, formerly coded BKK, was recoded DMK with the opening of Suvarnabhumi (BKK). But, you all knew this...
  9. is "knob" code for boyfriend?
  10. With the arrival of women pilots, an all female cockpit is called the "box office"
  11. While it can be debated whether or not I am socially inept and/or stupid, and have formed my fully-fledged neurosis, I respectfully disagree with your general assessment. I lost my virginity when I was 21. I had girlfriends and plenty of other opportunities in my late teens. The reason I did not "go all the way" was, because, at the time, I thought it was kind of a big deal, and I did not want the emotional responsibility (or hassle) to do it with the girl. I knew if I did, it would be hard(er) to break up. Never felt I would want to spend the rest of my life with the girl and that kept me from entering uncharted waters - literally. Since, things have changed somewhat
  12. We need to differentiate between three scenarios: 1. A situation in which you already have a bf/gf, you already are in a committed relationship. Here, having a gik on the side, without your bf/gf knowing is cheating and never good. It does not matter if you cheat with a gik, an ex bf/gf, a one-night stand, or somebody you pay for sex. It may mean the end of your relationship or is at least a sign of serious problems. 2. Alternatively, you are single and have a gik, which then means you are looking for a NSA (no strings atttached) kind of deal that allows you to experience intimacy, sex, and closeness to another human without the usual commitment. As long as both partners are cool with this, I don't see a problem here. 3. Gik with no sex or desire should be called a friend (as was already mentioned)
  13. You said we would keep it a secret..
  14. âËËËË á¤èÃçµÒ¡ç..completely......áÅéÇà ËÃÃ...I wanna know who a own that eyes can I looking into dai mai... maybe I will found new taste :wink: :wink: :wink: Cant remember who that was, oops!! :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: What?!?! Did I bloody say something wrong?! uhhh ohhh! Hey, it's been a month. Give her a break.
  15. bad Stu!!!! Illegal editing can lead to a yellow card you know!!! Some of my thongs have gone missing, now I know who da heck got them :evil: I dont want to get yellow card than I just see my underwear...but will be excited if can see guy underwear... :wink: Mine or theirs?!?! if you I just feel so so if theirs :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :?: :idea: :arrow: Come on over....
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