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  1. my gf and i have been quite faithful... but hey, give me time, i've only been dating her for a few months. :wink:
  2. i've been gone a while... what did i miss? does anyone remember me?
  3. i've been gone a while... what did i miss? does anyone remember me?
  4. my mind is your property, but can you ever own my body?
  5. are you sure you weren't calling that "sex chat" phone line in New Zealand again?!?!? hahaha. just kidding.
  6. like the previous posters said about London, here in Washington, DC, we live with terrorist warnings everyday. anytime there is a large gathering of people (sports stadium, rock concert, cultural celebration) there is an opportunity for terrorist. i still get nervous anytime an airplane flies over my office building a little too low. but in the end, you must go on about your life as normal...you can not live in fear or else then the terrorist have achieved part of their objective. as far as thailand specifically, we have received "cautions" (note that this is not as strong as a "warning") r
  7. i can't even read the above journal...cause i am so amazed that the white monkey actually signed on and wrote something here at TF. been a long, long time. welcome back.
  8. why does my computer suck...i can't see anything.
  9. go to chat and flirt with lots of guys, then they will all comment on your journal. lol
  10. "I LIKE the calming breeze on my spot" ...can i be the wind blowing on your spot?
  11. okay Pamela, time to go back to sleep.
  12. are you willing to exchange goods for services? i figure one night of passion with me must be worth atleast the Ford Pinto and the lobster sandwich!
  13. damn it LYLE, shut your mouth...this topic so old and over done, why even make a comment about it... but here goes anyway... the top 5 is what it is...nothing more, nothing less...does it have to have a reason? and what of those people who are voted there by others without asking for it. Why are you angry (and perhaps jealous) at them when the votes of others is out of their control?
  14. can you fix my hair?
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