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    condotown reacted to beej in What will you do with your money?   
    Cash is King again.... wait, if you have it sit on it till we see a really serious crash.
    Personally the only sure fire bet is Asian property for me, until we get stuck into this next slump my money will stay in my pocket.
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    condotown reacted to JTHM in What will you do with your money?   
    They actually list girls with questionable ID cards on SET???
    I always thought short time vs long time meant something else, but perhaps the terms are connected to an investement plan?
    What's next, drive-thru ladyboy bars?
    Sorry, didn't mean to hijack the thread, please continue :-D
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    condotown reacted to marc_TGT in What will you do with your money?   
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    condotown got a reaction from kaunitz in Releasing the little birds - Good karma?   
    I think the people with the birds in the cages should just release them all and receive all the good karma for themselves!!
    I feel that I receive good karma for not beating the **** out of the sellers and releasing the birds myself.
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    condotown reacted to mespike in What has happened to Lower Sukhumvit   
    Seems the Sukhumvit Road area from Asok to Nana has deteriorated to point of disgust and intolerable environment.
    Alot of us were complaining about it 3 years ago but it got worse instead of better. The vendors have totally clogged the sidewalks in places you can barely get though. There are bottlenecks everywhere. I wish stupid tourists would stop buying that crap and 50% of the vendors would go away. There are dregs everywhere in that area now its seems as if has become a forbidden zone for non dregs. 10 years ago Nana was a red light zone yes but there were alot more nice girls hanging around and a hell of a lot less ladyboys. Now there are so many ladyboys there you could form an army not to mention 3rd world degenerates. Africans have the highest incidence of Aids on the planet and Indians have the highest new infection rate. Do you want to be screwing the same girls they are? Therme used to be a place where western men could chill out and meet a fun girl. Now they might as well put a Japs Only sign on it. Beer garden on Soi 7 should change its name to the Used up Veterans and Granny Shack. I think there is a lot of nice girls in Bangkok and very few of them want to go to Lower Sukhumvit. Its become a ****hole and i wish someone would restore it to its previous luster.
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    condotown reacted to English_Bob in What has happened to Lower Sukhumvit   
    I live on Soi 4. When I come home at night, I avoid the top of my soi and take a back street. I never walk on the 'odd' side of Sukhumvit at night time.
    The area is overrun with Arabs and Africans. Last week I was riding my bike up to the lights at Soi 3 and an African guy shouted from 5 metres away, "Hey... wanna buy ganja?"
    Arab men walk down the street in gangs of 4 or 5. They don't use the pavements and they don't move for vehicles. Recently I've been driving a car and I've 'moved' a few of them to the pavement with my bumper. I don't understand the 'f uck you' mentality of 'eyeballing' a car. A pedestrian is NEVER going to win. I think they are counting on the driver being too scared to run into them... Bad luck in my case. I've found that people can move remarkably quickly when I drop down a gear and pop the clutch.
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