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  1. Glad to see you again Van...

    if I may how is Jan...have not seen her in a while...take care!

  2. Danno,

    Thanks for your comment yesterday.


  3. I am the one trying to meet him. He know what I look like, he has met me before at a Bachelor party. He is a short small guy, even you can scare him off. I have not met you but I have heard lots about you selling yourself, would not be surprised if you sold your vote too.
  4. I am well aware of the differences between PAD and Democrats - like I know they urged their supporters to boycott the election, they petitioned to have the current elect PM banned due to her testimony during Thaksin's trial and they criticised the former PM for not responding more strongly to the Cambodian too....should I go on?? I know a lot more than you think. But I don't come here seeking to be popular. I doubt many here would even have read the Thai Constitution, much less know what it contains. You are more than welcome to go yak yak yak.
  5. Coming from a ladyboy who sells herself (himself) to any bidder...I say thats a compliment.
  6. Danno, with due respect, I don't want to see another tainted election, more protests and Thai people dying on the streets. When you have family members serving in the armed forces who have been ordered to shoot their fellow thais - it scars them pychologically. And its not good for business or tourism either. I may disagree with many here about political viewpoints and how and where resources of Thailand should be allocated, but one thing I would totally agree upon with both PAD and Democrat supporters - and that is, Thailand should have clean elections. Only with clean elections can the count
  7. And if you didn't not know, accepting a bribe to vote for a particular party, is a crime.
  8. Then you have no problems when I send this link to the Electoral Commission of Thailand...you and your family can explain it to them.
  9. So where is that Fuking *****!!!
  10. Hey Old Man, u still there?!? Tell me where u r staying and I come over.
  11. My family and a few of my neighbours got paid yesterday, 300 baht to vote for "NUMBER 1". Number 1 is the PTP.
  12. Old man, I have not blocked anyone. I dont want or need popularity....I have a business to run. I also want what is best for Thailand, not the same as many on this site or the viewpoint of my family in Bangkok. But I dont go around abusing others because they have different political viewpoints. Many people did not like George W Bush, but he was still voted in twice....does not mean those Americans who voted for him, are some evil, blood thirsty warmongers. Oh, I am staying at Centrepoint Pleochit BTS, if you want to meet up....Stinky Old Man.
  13. Is that the only thing you can say, old man?!? Why dont you come to tell me face to face, stinky old man?!?
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