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  1. Ok I am nearly getting there. It seems a very US product in terms of the Netflix usage which might not be available online.I suspect that the system has other uses like it can access the internet, sync with your email, utilize iphone/ipad apps etc which would be very useful if you didnt have an ipad or simply want a larger screen (not sure how the mouse/keyboard works). So the PC/MAC usage or 'Mac ecosystem' as you call it gives it more sense. I suspect if you hack it though that you might lose half the added extras. As a pure wifi media player (especially in Thailand) it is not very competitive. One of the big advantages of Thailand is that you can huge amounts of media (HD) at very low costs and the disadvantage is that you cannot access live media such as Netflix etc.
  2. who wants cables when you go wireless? I guess it makes sense if you dont have a computer. Why dont you simply have a wireless connection to your TV and then use airplay on your ithing. I am not sure why you bother to download something to an ithing to watch it on the TV unless it is to travel. If you didnt have wifi or you were in a hotel say, connecting to a TV via a cable can be a good idea. A cable is easier to carry around than an Apple TV which would also need a cable to the TV as well as wifi. And the cable even charges the ithing. Look I am not an anti Apple person. I have 4 or 5 nanos and an ipad, they are great. I just dont get the concept. As I say if I can use it to watch say England soccer matches with UK commentary, it would be cool or even to subscribe to Netflix.
  3. I am still slightly confused what the 'magical' part is. For instance I have 11 terabyte hard disks with HD, films, music, music videos etc that can be simply plugged into a TV. You can get this at Panthip. Does the Apple TV give you access to NetFlix or external TV stations not available over the internet. I dont really understand what it does that you cant do already? It would be great if you could use it to gain access to US or UK TV feeds.
  4. Why dont you just plug your iphone/ipad/ipod into your TV?
  5. How desperate is it financially in terms of we can see how many people are actually online compared to two years ago. Cost cant be high but the site is clearly struggling against the big players. Facebook etc. Is it still viable with the Mods etc and the turnover of premiums? Or is it getting marginal? I only say that because you can change your business plan if it is not. I have no idea of the revenue structure but it isnt moving forward.
  6. I would strongly disagree with this concept and simply believe that people do not understand the underlying strengths of the Thai economy. Over the last ten years there is little doubt that Thailand has been one of the most successful economies in the world. Just because someone is ill-educated does not mean they are stupid. If you refuse to understand the underlying dynamics of the Thai economy that is fine. If you wish to see it as a failed economy you simply dont understand basic economics. Maybe people should understand Germany's economy first. I know it doesnt come down to education whether you are stupid or not. But education cannot simply come down to a western concept of intelligence. Our innate intelligence is built into us through 4 million years of evolution. And really dont get me into how the poor black man became President because it was down to education because it is crap. How the lowest can become the highest? It is total bollocks. Thailand as a failed state. At some point you need to wake up to the fact you are becoming a disenchanted, bored and disgruntled expat.
  7. I know this is all about Thai corruption etc but I do really wish some people would actually give Thailand some credit. I honestly cannot think of a single country that has emerged through the financial crisis in a better position than Thailand. Ok China has grown more but it is simply credit driven. Thailand has a twin surplus, strong growth, very strong fundamentals across the board. It has received absolutely no credit. Some people think its currency is overvalued while they have spent US$70bn suppressing it. Rather irritatingly they hold US$160bn of forex reserves including US$50bn of USTs. The US who didnt lend a penny in 1997 feels free to lecture about democracy crony capitalism etc and Thailand still lends it billions at less than 3%. There has been no banking crisis, no asset bubble, self financing real growth (12% last quarter) and Thailand is still referred to as a possible failed state. If you want to see failed states look around, there are plenty about. I dont even find Thais who will acknowledge how successful their economy has been especially when compared to the disasters out there. And one thing stands out in particular. Thailand had its disaster in 1997 but it learnt a lot from it especially in terms of the moral compass and practices of the banks. It seems the US and European banks have learnt nothing at all.
  8. i thought that at least two mobiles was the norm for girls now !! :roll: :roll: Well difficult to know whether you simply understand the concept or whether it reflects the girls you date. Still the research would be far more interesting if you added to it by researching the number of sexual partners that a girl with an iphone and an android had. My guess is that Nokia comes into the equation. Namely a Nokia/iphone combination could be perfect. I would also guess that a Blackberry combination might be verging on being too professional. BTW shagging a girl with two phones doesnt count as two shags even if you have both numbers. And shagging a girl who claims not to have a phone simply means you were a lousy shag. (Unless it is Oprah Winfrey in which case it means you shouldnt be allowed to shag.)
  9. ehhhh ..... 10 partners by the time u r 30 !!! u'd be better off binning the f**king iPhone and getting out into the real world !! :roll: :roll: :roll: Oh please.... it isnt telling you to buy an iphone. Simply telling you that female iphone users are more slutty... (BTW the girls with two mobile phones are usually the best bet.)
  10. Actually years but not all that many. You see Fed policy is zero short term rates and sat 3% 10 year UST rates. So people get nothing for deposits and the banks buy 10 year USTs (good for financing the deficit.) The really neat thing is that USTs are zero risk weighted in terms of capital adequacy, so you can buy as many as you can finance without capital. Which is of course why you cant get a loan in the US unless it is to bolster the housing market and guaranteed by the Government through the two Fannies. The reason bankers should be afraid of Elizabeth Warren is that if Americans come to their senses, they will elect her President.
  11. You call that a plan? Sounds like total and utter insanity to me. Still post the links. It will be exciting to see how things turn out. Why is that insane? I can't see the cops finding the cam, and if they do and are able to put 2 and 2 together (long shot), they won't give 2 sh*ts as long as they get their 2 hundred baht... Just don't start releasing the videos until you have a few recorded. Once they get out, cops *might* start giving a sh*t and looking for cams. I meant 'insane' in terms of the concept of showing 20 videos of yourself handing over money to the cops. Seems to me about as sane as videoing yourself robbing a bank. Still give it a try and see how well it works. If it turns out badly it will at least work out well for the 'cheap charlie' idea you had. On the basis you may well learn how to get to live in Thailand for a few months on no income at all.
  12. You call that a plan? Sounds like total and utter insanity to me. Still post the links. It will be exciting to see how things turn out.
  13. You call that a plan? Sounds like total and utter insanity to me. Still post the links. It will be exciting to see how things turn out.
  14. how much? Im just about to buy a 52" flat screen for studio. Would like one too. disks for Bt4k which have 100 blue Ray hi definition films on them. He has several. I have the details somewhere if anyone is interested "Yes please" Coming back to this subject. First of all the shop in question has 12 different 3.5" 1 terabyte hard disks each filled with exclusively 'blue-ray' films for a cost of Bt3500 per disk. Mostly there are 100 films per disk but a couple of disks have 'full rips' which limits them to about 24 films. The others are compressed (I think to MKV) which reduces their size to about 10GB/film. Now it occurs to me that as a 1 terabyte hard disk actually costs about Bt3,000 blank the shop may well have not legally paid all the proper copyright fees to place these films on a hard disk to sell, so I think it is not perhaps fair to them to post their name on the web. But the shop is located on the second floor in Pantip. There are a number of different media players that they sell there too. Depending on what exactly you are trying to achieve different products will suit different people. As far as I can see if you want a very basic system equivalent to using the MAC Mini as a media player, the media box will start at about Bt4k. Add a 1 terabyte hard disk, delete 30 films, 300GB for downloads photos, MP3s. It just seems that the MAC Mini while looking good isnt really much of anything. As a media player for Bt5,500 you can get a 3 x4 inch 500GB (removable 2.5") internal HD, HDMI, composite, USB connected player with remote. Why spend Bt25k - it isnt exactly as though it will be your main computer. Some have built in wi-fi others you need a toggle. If you spend a bit more you can buy one with built in dual tuners and use it as a PVR. None of them come with a DVD player but most people have one of those already. But the MAC mini does look cooler. And really 50 inch plasmas with HDMI connections look bloody marvellous so long as you have something worth putting through them. And if you are willing to spend money - Bt60k - here is what you can get. 1) 3 media players (plus remotes) for different rooms and different TVs - each bt4500 inc HDMI leads. 2) 4 HD docking stations (an extra one for your PC or MAC) - Bt1290 each 3) 12x 1 terabyte HDs with 1000 blue ray movies (inc Britney Spears in concert.) (No discount without.) 4) A nice little booklet which gives a list of the 1000 movies.
  15. A German supporting Holland? whatever next? Don't you remember the German song 'only dustbin men wear orange.'
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