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  1. Great pics! Glad u had a great time!
  2. Halloween comes early! Nice!
  3. That sounded pretty gay....... I'd rather write words like who-re etc, but don't want any flags from abusive, power hungry, cowardly moderators. I probably shouldn't have said shite about it, but it seemed to fit the ghost topic. feature=player_embedded. Well, if you don't want any flags from us power hungry cowardly mods, then use better judgment and avoid making id-iot mistakes like trying to slip direct personal attacks under the radar. Leave the drama off the site, s'il vous plait.
  4. Green is the new Gold. Most of the Intellectual Property that makes green profitable is from small start ups -- and as they grow, so will the efficiency and positive outcomes of the green movement. As an example, a company in China just taking off (New Energy Technologies) has found a way to make clear solar film that reacts to any form of light. So you can just spray it on an existing window. I can't see any downside to that. It won't scale up in the near future...but it will sooner or later. As will a truckload of other innovative technologies. As new tech arises, there will be alternatives
  5. inamorato25

    Hello TF

    Great post, Manee!
  6. Darn. I won't be in country until later in December, so I hope it is a repeat event. Nothing like a live salsa band. Hope the event goes well!
  7. Nice! Best LMAO lines in the trailer..."We just gotta grit our teeth and do it"...and.."Most people vomit the first time."
  8. Sorry, but I'm bringing another Y Chromosome to the mix. I'll be passing through BKK this week and I'll be there! See you there!
  9. Ghee: Great pics, thanks! Ciaran: How do I become the pervert. You're not still angry because I bar fined you, are you? And to Rob, Bill, Kas and other assorted people I met for the first time, I was awesome!
  10. Congratulations, Rob. She's beautiful!
  11. They actually have a word for middle-aged women in Japan who do that..."Obartarion." Totally annoying. But you were still in a good mood even after a crowded hot bus ride with a rushing ***** on board...so you win!!
  12. Nice pics!! I was there for 2 weeks in May and LOVED both Phuket and Phiphi. Can't wait to visit again:)
  13. Hey. that's great news that you'll be coming to visit Japan. And you'll love Yamanashi. It's very close to Tokyo so you'll have no problem getting there. Although if you're going to come, make it sooner than later. It's pretty cold and shitty in the winter in the Kanto area (Tokyo, Yamanashi, etc) -- but if you can get here by mid November, you'll be able to be up in the mountains during "kouyou" -- when the fall leaves are changing color. As for visas, it will definitely help you to use your relatives. As for the mangoes and fish -- if it's the dried stuff you can buy in stores, that's OK.
  14. inamorato25

    Memories of VN

    LOVED Vietnam. One of my favorite trips. Pho Bo every day, and about 10 rolls of DV tape. Everywhere you go is just so colorful and interesting -- especially down in the Delta -- you just want to record everything. Great people. Love it.
  15. Excellent pics. Glad you had such a great time
  16. I think the Korean guy was trying to copy another guy -- Maybe even Iron Mike -- Or Ernesto Hoost, can't remember. The kiss thing happened between two major tough guys before -- and it was taken as a joke. Anyway know what I'm talking about? This guy now knows not to believe or to try everything he sees on TV. Would have lost anyway if that one punch put him away.
  17. They should name and shame that lying piece of **** in the green shirt. Just show his face. But I gotta say I agree with shortyg and others that most of this is to be expected when you get together a bunch of aggressive young idiots who think that they're still in their own country, and get them drunk and stoned. That, and they're filming mostly young Brits, who seem to love to fight a lot. I worked a year in a bar in London and I saw scenes like this every weekend. Having said that, as somebody who stays in Pattaya about 2 months a year, I don't think I've ever seen a full-on fight, and whi
  18. inamorato25


    Cute puppy! Glad he's OK!! And where the heck can you go to blade in BKK? Sukhumvit? You're lucky YOU weren't the one getting smote by a truck (very sensitive driver, too -- driving off without even offering to give you a lift to the vet. Nice guy).
  19. inamorato25

    Dear Ken,

    Is he that guy from the movie Fan-Kao (á¿¹à ¡èÒ)?? I saw that movie just a couple weeks ago before I left Thailand -- scared the living **** out of me!
  20. Safe trip back. I loved Belgium too. Very friendly people, good food and some really beautiful towns and countryside. Glad you had such a great experience!
  21. OK, I guess since only two people have voted so far, I might as well admit that I'm the idiot who chose "pour beer over each other." Excellent poll, Rob. Laughed out loud at the choices. Regarding the shaking hands thing, you're more likely to get a cold from pressing an elevator button with fresh-squeezed sneeze on it than from a handshake (with the notable exception of the guy in the story with the sewer grime covered hands, in which case you're more likely to pick up something much worse involving a bunch of fecal coliforms or other shitty bacteria.) So I don't think it's a huge problem as
  22. I agree 100%. When I said that I support Big Pharma -- what I should have said is that I support drug exploration, development and clinical trials. But given the choice as to who should be doing it -- I'd pick a government run body over big pharma 7 days a week and twice on Sunday. Government research institutions, if given sufficiently HUGE funding, could make the drugs we need and still make money. Even if they didn't turn a profit, who cares -- if there's one thing every person uses at some point in his or her life, it's medicine. So what better use of tax dollars than to fund medical rese
  23. One thing I should make clear -- I'm not anti-medical establishment nor anti big-pharma. Quite the opposite -- big-pharma drugs work. And doctors save lives every day. I'm just saying that with the sheer volume of information required for accurate diagnosis and correct prescription, we need specialist -- and at the very least 2nd opinions. But if you have a doctor who know what is to be done -- then they are likely to use the right drugs in the right dosages, with no unnecessary prescriptions to get you back on your feet. But if you feel your doctor is just groping for a solution and doesn't
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