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  1. 11 years on TF how things have changed! Kinda miss the old TF website from way back. Hope the old gang are doing well.

  2. I was hoping Surfin Bird - Trashmen would be UK xmas No. 1
  3. John

    still remember

    I remember this, can't believe I was on the banner you put up! Thanks nong sonny :-)
  4. Although a franchise, it differs from every country you go to. I like it that way. You wouldn't find an englishman eating rice in UK at KFC right? lol
  5. To understand a womans feelings and what they want and need. Can look after himself and those around him. Generous and not selfish. Respect for others. Take criticism in the chin and accept it.
  6. John


    Personally I vote who I want to vote.
  7. John

    XBOX ?

    Nothing wrong being a gamer, at least when the gf comes home she'll know where to find me lol..
  8. 'King of me Castle' video impressed me enough to watch Ghost in the Shell.. good stuff
  9. I've used the chatrooms.. well I try to use it as much as I can. Seen it creep up to 20 members, but soon diminishes after a topic is finished!
  10. A good promotion for cricket in Thailand! Twenty20s / short over matches are always good to watch.
  11. Cowboy Bebop Trigun Outlaw Star Samurai Champloo Dragonball Neon Genesis Evangelion Tenchi Muyo
  12. Maybe try outside bangkok? lol..
  13. Women that are old enough to be my mother (17+ years), no thanks! Although my gf is 6 years older, she could still pass in her mid 20s. Didn't know until I had the guts to ask. Some women get aggressive when you ask for their age!
  14. Decrease the resolution of the photos. It should take a load off the file size. All photo editing programs have this function.
  15. John

    Mobile Review... by AAA

    Tempting.. very tempting..
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