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  1. Can someone that can type fluently in Thai, please give me the Thai characters for the English contract we call a "prenuptial agreement." This is basicsally a document stating the financial position and holdings of the man and woman separately before entring into or as they enter into matrimony. I would also appreciate it if I could get a "transliteration" of the Thai in Roman characters so I could try to pronounce it. I am in for a big discussion ahead with my Thai girlfriend/fiancee. At that point, this thread might need to move to Sex & Relationships. Thanks to all
  2. My Thai girlfriend says I am normally sweet and kind guy. She says sometimes I am "jai noi." Can someone please give me a good explanation in English of "jai noi." An example would be nice if you think it helps with the explanation. Maybe this belongs in the forum on speaking Thai but I put it in Relationships because if I do not like the definition of "jai noi," I will ask if I should dump her cute a$$ ??? :evil:
  3. As always you are an excellent teacher and I appreciate your free lessons. I especially like the way you teach new vocabulary showing the Thai characters and the sounds in Roman letters. Thanks Ajarn Fay!!! Robert
  4. Oh Ajarn Fay, I like your journal lessons a lot. I like when you show both the Thai characters and the sounds in Roman characters. I think there is another reason Russ can speak Thai in just a few months...LOL Robert
  5. It is far more likely that both the pilot and co-pilot were asleep at the controls. They are claiming they were having an intense discussion over airline and cockpit policy. NWA (northwest) had the pilot that was stopped before boarding because he was intoxicated. They also had the lunatic pilot that held up his flight departure at Miami while he went out to get some fast food because he didn't like what they had on the plane for food. They have had some whackos in the cockpit.
  6. So in Roman characters, ä» ä˹ ÃÃ’ is "pai nhai ma." I think this is from Fay's lessons. ä» is written in reverse since ä» = pai, but ä = ai AND » = p ä˹ is written in reverse since ä˹ = nhai, but ä = ai AND ˹ = nh But ÃÃ’ is written forward meaning first sound is written first. ÃÃ’ = ma AND à = m AND Ã’ = a. How do you know when the first sound is at end like pai or nhai and when first sound is written at beginning like ma? Does anybody understand ???
  7. Ajarn Fay It would be helpful if the Thai translation to Roman characters was consistent, meaning everyone does it the same. I always thought Phee as in older brother or sister was Pee until I saw the Thai character. That is the way it should be, Phee. But I see krab and krup and the pronunciation is always "kob." Aaaarrrrrggggghhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!! As always, thanks for the lessons. Robert
  8. Very cool Ajarn Fay, Thanks for the lessons. I appreciate it. Robert
  9. That is a lot of belly that lady had to get dancing. And she is thin for a farang lady.
  10. I want to see if that thai2english dictionary sight is any good. Does the following Thai have a meaning that makes sense? ¨Ø´ÊØ´Âô Thanks
  11. I honestly searched the forums before deciding to post this question. If someone knows of an existing thread I would like to receive the link. I do not want to debate whether to give sinsod and "tong mhand" or not. "Tong mhand" is the gold given to your fiancee for the engagement or wedding. Particularly from Thai ladies, what would you think if your boyfriend/fiance asked you to take an IOU for the "tong mhand" or Gold because the price of gold is very high right now. Is this insulting ? AN IOU is a way of postponing the purchase of the actual Gold or Gold jewelry. Gold = US$ 1,016 per ounce or about THB 16,100 per baht. Thanks for your kind responses.
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    Wissy, I have a question. Is it longer or shorter in Italian? The word of course you silly girl.
  13. For the first time I actually enjoyed a Harry Potter movie rather than having the feeling I had to sit through a whole Harry Potter movie as some form of pain and punishment. It was well done and finally had some life to it unlike the first three long dull movies. This is the only one I can recommend.
  14. I am over 35 years old. I better not say anything.
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    Yes, you should have told her that was a mistake, in fact your First Name is Goofy, "Goofy Smilysiam Wilaichit." Gee, now the last name seems kind of funny sounding. lol
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