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  1. And I am guessing she is looking for REAL boobs...for what purpose?
  2. Why at the Royal Palace and Wats do they have one side for Thai shoes and one side for non-Thai shoes? Or is it Thai shoes and Farang shoes. But then where would the Japanese put their shoes? But you are right, that is what makes it Thailand. God forbid Thai shoes get next to Farang shoes.
  3. Well, I instantly thought about the Tsunami in Dec '04 when reading the Original Posting. Just using those numbers it is roughly 1 year (12 months) per 1,000 people killed. I think about 170,000 people were lost or killed in the Tsunami. So that means in 170 years - 25% for predominantly yellow sking color (some brown from India and Sri Lanka) means jokes will be cool in about 130 years. That is why you haven't heard any Tsunami jokes.
  4. Thanks Pandorea. I appreciate someone reading the request for the Thai characters. The link you gave was also a good one. It is better than what I hit on Google which was Siam Lawyers etc... I will take her to a lawyer in Thailand to have the lawyer explain the concept to her in Thai, but I will not get the Prenup written in Thailand. The assets are in the USA. I want the Prenup to hold up in the USA (actually the state of residence.) Again, thank you.
  5. I can see this was a waste of time. Is there no Thai translation for "prenuptial agreement?"
  6. We walk around the circle and stand with our backs to the motel. Anita Shreve from "Light on Snow"
  7. Can someone that can type fluently in Thai, please give me the Thai characters for the English contract we call a "prenuptial agreement." This is basicsally a document stating the financial position and holdings of the man and woman separately before entring into or as they enter into matrimony. I would also appreciate it if I could get a "transliteration" of the Thai in Roman characters so I could try to pronounce it. I am in for a big discussion ahead with my Thai girlfriend/fiancee. At that point, this thread might need to move to Sex & Relationships. Thanks to all
  8. I think it is interesting he knows to file a topic on Money Transfer to Thailand under Sex and Relationships as opposed to General Topics or others.
  9. Thank you for your explanation. I understand now. But I think you are "jai rai nidnoi." I am happy my girlfriend has not told me to go away. She just wonders why I am normally so nice and sweet to her but once in awhile I turn "jai noi." I think she is giving me a chance. Since I think I love her, I will try to improve myself and be a lot less "jai noi." Thanks to all.
  10. petulant, peevish - I think those are OK, I can accept that. If you are Thai, would you call your boyfriend/girlfriend spouse/other jai noi or do you think it is too rude to say jai noi?
  11. digitalcat: I know cheap is like "kee nee aow." And she certainly knows kee nee aow. I do not think jai noi is kee nee aow. I know for a fact she would never say I am kee nee aow. I am not kee nee aow with her. Pandorea: I understand most of the Thai "jai..." expressions. I am not jai dam. I was only joking about dumping her cute a$$. If anything, that might be an example of "jai rai." digitalcat: I know "jai rai." Mean or cruel is a good translation of "jai rai." I am joking about the dumping her a$$. However, I still do not think I have a definition of "jai noi." Thanks to all.
  12. My Thai girlfriend says I am normally sweet and kind guy. She says sometimes I am "jai noi." Can someone please give me a good explanation in English of "jai noi." An example would be nice if you think it helps with the explanation. Maybe this belongs in the forum on speaking Thai but I put it in Relationships because if I do not like the definition of "jai noi," I will ask if I should dump her cute a$$ ??? :evil:
  13. I wonder if all or most Thai's have a bad view of adoption? Is adoption something evil in Thai society. I had a Thai-GF a few years ago that was 39 and could not have a child without complicated and risky IVF. So I suggested adoption and she was horrified. My current more open-minded and loving Thai-GF also wants one child but is 37 and has some risk due to a medical situation with one oviduct. She also said she would not want to raise any child that did not come from us... What about all the cute poor Thai children ages 4 to 6 with no parents or parents are drug addicts and/or are in jail ?
  14. As always you are an excellent teacher and I appreciate your free lessons. I especially like the way you teach new vocabulary showing the Thai characters and the sounds in Roman letters. Thanks Ajarn Fay!!! Robert
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