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  1. Bie - Someone
  2. M Auttapon - Yaa Ron Dtua Never been in this situation ... and I hope I'll never have to
  3. All Mac Donald's Fast food in Paris have FREE WIFI Hotspot, give it a try !! Maybe in Starbucks too but never tried !! Good luck !!
  4. Thanx Apple !! It seems to be a great place !! Did u try it ?
  5. Thanks for your suggestions and links !! The point is that I need some feedback, experience about the hotels and beaches. I'll try to read some comments about "Lima Coco" !! I'll also try to contact "friends" !!! Choke dee all !!
  6. Hi ! I'm going to Koh Samet on May 2006 and I'm looking for advice to find a hotel. I'm looking for some bungalow style for about 3000-4000 baths per night. All advice are welcome ! Thanx in advance !
  7. Joyeux anniversaire to Chris FR !
  8. Nice pics Anny !!! iIt make me miss Thailand even much !!
  9. wow !! nice pics !!! How come i was in Hong-Kong at that time ?? lol Lucky fools !!
  10. wow !! a moderator flooding the forum !! You should use the EDIT button instead.
  11. In Paris, all Mc Donalds restaurant provide FREE WIFI hotspots !! Check it out when you'll visit us !!
  12. In my opinion, here's my Top list for each brand !! Samsung : D500 Sony Ericsson : P910i, S700i Motorola : V3 Nokia : 6630, (7610/6670) It also depends on your budget !!
  13. Some friends told me about a club named "Vooz" in Bangkok ?? I've search everywhere and no mention of this club. Does it still exist and how's the heat other there ?? Thanx in advance.
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