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  1. Yeah man, rock the vote bro! seems like you and bush have at least one thing in common...you both lcommunicate at an 8th graders....
  2. Marcoamericano

    B-N-O Recovery

    typically, lots of booze mixed with naked ladies with low morals leads to hot tawdy encounters. I think we got stuck with the PG rated version of the night.
  3. leave it to cs to suggest MB for your and particularly his benefit..lolz. Besides, the post mb drowsiness seems to be a male phenomenon, not female. They always wanna chat afterwards. Try watching something really really boring like the movie "postman". heheh
  4. Marcoamericano

    My Turn!!

    Sorry to hear about the mishaps...hope you feel better soon.
  5. I'll admit,..I guess I'm sort of a romantic at times. So, what is the most romantic thai music in your opinion? I have a cd compilation called "hugs" that I really like. tia
  6. toughgirl jane, you're such a bully! now the newbie has slinked away with his tail between his legs....so sad. j/k Better you know what a rude guy he is now, then later. Good job!
  7. Anyone and everyone, please call him and take him out for a drink on my behalf..and if you're in the LA area, I'll extend that offer to you
  8. Robert, just wanted to say thanks for coming through!! I owe you big time!
  9. Robert, just wanted to say thanks for coming through!! I owe you big time!
  10. what a schedule!...i'm envious although I'd include a late night snack, and I'm not talkin of the typical culinary nature although you can mix and match! have fun!
  11. What's a meantime girl? [ 15 August 2004 | 6:24PM ] Well...it's certainly NOT you... if the man's got any intelligence. imo anyways
  12. Marcoamericano

    Mother's Day

    "Somehow I was not sure what i liked better between seeing all the faces i love and spending time with them or enjoyed eating all the foods and drinking red wine" Combine them! nice to hear you had a great day off. Cheers, Marco
  13. oh dear...how will you ever survive out there in a world filled with debates and discussions, not to mention the real wars where people actually die!...j/k try yoga and positive thinking techniques!
  14. Hi, glad to have you here!
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