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  1. Hi Steve Sorry I haven’t got back to you but you left a message on your profile not on my profile we will have to catch up soon maybe when the weather warms up abit hope you are well and give my regards to Ju!! Can you resend your email

    Cheers dave

  2. Dave, to stop me having to log onto TF this is my email

    [email protected].

    I logged on here a few days ago after being away for 6 months and instantly some chick called mirasayeed hit me on chat. Wants me to wait for her when she comes to Australia, or when she goes to Malaysia or she will send me email when she arrives in Thailand....she didnt even look at my profile..!!

    Some scam no doubt, expect she will be banned soon.

    Anyway be in touch about a beer...guess you are free anytime ?


  3. Jesus Dave, you are falling apart.....

    You need to sit in the sun for a while somewhere warm....

    Catch up soon


  4. Hi Steve I have been on workcover aand sick leave I have tennis elbow in both arms arthritis in both knees and a disc bulge at L5 S1 apart from that I am fine !!!!!

    cheers dave

  5. Hi Dave,

    Sorry things are not so good, whats the problem ?

    Ju will be here at the start of October...

    City sounds good, let you know when I have a free weekend.


  6. Hi Steve Not going to well at the moment I would love to catch up soon (in the city) when are you heading to see Ju?

    cheers dave

  7. Hi Dave, you still vote whoring on here ????

    Hows life treating you, we should catch up sometime..?



  8. Chatreeo Bae. This guy can play.....

    Being a youtube addict and always looking for free online guitar theory etc, I have just found this guy, Chatreeo Bai, who has uploaded over 800 videos demonstrating technique, theory, guitar, amp and fx tryouts as well as showing his ability.In the example Chatreeo shreds Steve Vai's "For The Love Of God", no mean feat in itself.Thailand has some brilliant musicians, and these guy is a great example.Dont know if anyone else has ever heard of him, but apparently he teaches guitar in Bangkok.
  9. Play With Spider

    You guys seen this ? Sorry if its a repost.. http://www.onemotion.com/flash/spider/
  10. Happy Birthday Sneaky

    Wow...!!!Another year has gone so fast, and here we are back ar 15th August.I wish you happy birthday Ju, and hope that you have a wonderful day surrounded by your favourite things...sleep, macadamias and cheese and onion chips.XXXSteve
  11. spectacular photograph

    Sorry if this is a repost..................antiflame disclaimer. This is supposed to be a real rock formation in a Birmanian Lake, where is only possible to take this picture on a particular day, due to the way the sun shines light on it. Why is great ? Turn your head on your left shoulder..........................http://amazingillusions.blogspot.com/2007/05/great-giants-sleeping-in-birmanian-lake.html
  12. Proof that a man needs a wife...

    Sorry if this is a repost........
  13. New Zealand Phone Sex

  14. Billy Thorpe passes away

    http://www.news.com.au/heraldsun/story/0,21985,21300636-5006024,00.htmlBilly passed away from a heart attack this morningThough Thorpy will be remembered for that awful hit "most people I know", I remember the guy on stage with the Les Paul and the Marshall Stacks blasting out pure energy for two or three hours, and me leaving his concerts with seriously degraded hearing...those were the days...Many Friday and Saturday nights in the 1970's, I spent lubricated with copious amounts of VB, at clubs in Melbourne watching Billy, with Lobby Lloyd, create musical havoc, or at the Sunbury rock festivals. An icon in Australian music has just left us. A sad day.