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  1. no , no Robbie ! skurfer is an american and therefore obviously a "goodie" saddams guards are "sand ******" foriegners....(and muslim !!!)...and therefore "baddies" ....baddies live to try and destroy the world.....they just cant stand freedom of being alive......and they talk funny ....so the goodies kill the baddies....this is a good thing ! it's perfectly black and white !! after the baddies are dead the goodies kiss and make humurous antecdotes.......don't you watch hollywood action movies ??? didn't you even see "pearl harbour" ....how ben affleck killed the "sons of *******" ? you will n
  2. hmmmm...... I'll give them a look.....but i'm not really ever "gripped" by what others assure me is the "dramatic" to enjoy such a genre one needs to give a **** over ...for example....who lives /dies...wins/loses.....and I simply don't...
  3. funny....I understand women differently you never pay attention to me = blah blah blah you don't love me = blah blah blah we never do anything I want = blah blah blah don't hit me so hard when I overcook your steak = blah blah blah * clobber please dont beat me again , the beer isn't ice cold = blah blah blah *clobber ! etc etc
  4. thank god for robbie to come and bring some balance........ I feel I would have commited murder if I had to listen for another minute how I was in fact "manipulating" and using "propoganda" to change the facts of Iraq....when they are arse obvious for anyone to see.....it a disgrace ! a ******* disgrace !
  5. you sweet , sweet , naieve man If I didn't know any better I'd think you actually believed George W Bush and his government and supporters actually gives a **** about the american flag burning Iraqi civilians.....rather than some "ra ra" gung ho ...knee jerk "kill all arabs" sentiment manipulated by those assholes to make a fat , fat pile of money ... ridiculous.......if you allow your self such pig-stupid thoughts like this...there really is no hope for you...
  6. jeus christ.....is that why I got to spend all that money on godamn fenesteride !
  7. expensive german paint thinner ? even your cheap street drug use is pretentious !
  8. Cartmanesque...."God , I hate you guys....I hate you so very, very much"
  9. Tv stations here these and pretty much all well known american "series" I havent watched one episode as I assumed it was overhyped crap....like "greys anatomy" and "lost" dvd sest my friend recently tried to shove down my throat ... I do watch "the simpsons " , "south park" , "futurama" , "american dad" (jesus.....I just noticed those are all cartoons) ....and "curb your enthusiasm " on a regular basis.....I suppose I never been much into Drama ....probably cause i'm a sociopath ....
  10. Well Said robbie......nothing but a full on recognition of the screw ups and corrupt motives your country has made/used will suffice to even have a chance of gaining international support for whats going on there now.... smearing over the mess with some cosmetics is going to undo what was done .....
  11. yes....love phillip K ****.....this book harboured some dark truths for me about the human condition........ i always love the preface **** made in honour to his friends ....who he compared their drug use to playing ball in the street.....then they all got ripped apart by a truck...
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