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  1. I have been here for a long time, but have not visited or participated in a good while. Now I see that I was COMPLETELY justified in doing so ! Obviously the webmaster; and OWNER of this site has changed more than once >>> to the great quality and deterioration of the VERY essence of what this site was once was, and was all about in the first place. No Home Page >> WTF is that all about !!! I think that the maturity > or lack of > has reduced some fabric of our life (now including THIS SITE ) to nothing more than social networking ONLY ... and trivial nondescript Gossip a
  2. Thanks for joining the Travelers Group! Hope you have a nice time at TF and for sure also at our group!

  3. steco

    Happy Birthday Dear !! Hope all is well. Have a Fantastic Day !!!

  4. Have a nice weekend vote fot you

  5. Good morning 1Vote for you and have a nice weekend .

  6. :) Hee, cos I sent you a grp invi to the feeding catfish club, not eating catfish club keke =P
  7. Sure I like catfish- You want to share some ? ;)

  8. :) Do you like catfish?
  9. 1 vote for you from me. ^^ good nite from here.

  10. :) Thanks for your 'morning welcomes', have a nice, nice Sunday :) Today is a cool nice weather where I am right now, hope your side is a yummy weather too!
  11. :) Thanks Charming... Did not see you replied here til I just pop by to try vote for you again - but apparently it said I can't yet cos 24hrs is not up yet! :)

    Have a wonderful, wonderful new week (3mins away) ya, cheerios! =P

  12. you are very welcome. I have not been on this site much lately because it is kind of a hassle to navigate now.... but when I came today... I was happy to see your smiling face ;) Take Care Dear , and also have a wonderful Sunday ! Enjoy - Steve

  13. :) Hi Steve, thanks for both! Long time no hear from you already, take carecare have a great Sunday ya! :)
  14. steco

    LongWay8 + VTE-3

    Great Pics ! Your trek looks fabulous- Good -on-ya !
  15. steco

    Get educated!!!

    Way Too Cool ! (hope Thai- PC... doesn't get this edited or removed) > Wish Thai Govt. would step up to the plate; and show some grist about this situation without worrying about the Chinese money machine coming to a screeching halt.
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