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  1. Hello folks, can anybody help a bored guy in Bangkok and give me the lowdown on all the upcoming movies in Thailand cinemas up until the middle of march. The dates on the posters and at the cinema for upcoming movies are always in thai and so is the websites and i cant the read thai unfortunately. Can anybody write up a quick list, pretty please, thanks a bunch in advance.,
  2. Hello folks, help needed, i do alot of muay thai boxing training and i fancy going down to koh samui, i have trained at a lot of gyms here in bangkok and i havent been to koh samui for around 8 years and ive heard its changed alot. I am in Bangkok area just now. I would like to go and train at a muay thai gym which is near chaweng beach and i was wondering if anybody knows the details of any decent hotels in this area. I will pay anything from 500 - 1000 baht per day and if internet access is available on site that would a be a huge bonus to me. Any suggestions??
  3. Hello folks, i can speak a little thai but really am stuck and want to try and move along to a more conversational level. I am staying in Bangpleeyai, samut prakan on theperak road just now for the next 3 weeks and then il move to bangkok for a month where im sure teachers are easier to come by. I want to get started straight away. Is there any teachers who can possibly teach me. i do muay thai training and i am usually very tired and dont want to travel too much at night, the farthest i go sometimes is Seacon Square, so if the teacher can travel that would be great. Il pay the going rate.
  4. Well funny you should mention hacked xbox, i had one but i was on xbox live and i got banned because they found out that my console was hacked, oopsy, i did enjoy my xbox 360 though, if i downloaded high definition movies onto an external hardrive it would play them no problem through the wireless network, this was good because i could store all my movies in one place and access them from anywhere. Only major problem with 360 is that it can make a hell of a noise and the PS3 is much quiter. Build quality is night and day as well, the 360 just seems cheap and plasticky, although it did provid
  5. LOL, you madman that was classic! Thats exactly how i feel, lol. I was joking with my mate the other day about that and he said he has a bedpan at his chair so he doesn't get up for the toilet. LOL. of course he was just joking! I hope ;-)
  6. If anybody is on PS3 and plays call of duty 4 (only game i play) lol, add me my username is: DJ_LEX lets battle it out!
  7. Sorry to get all technical again guys. PLEASE HELP ME! I have been looking at some camcorder recently as mine is due an upgrade and ive been looking at a few high definition ones. Im leaning towards a Sony HDR-CX6EK also known as CX6 or CX7 depending on what country you buy it from. Details can be found here: http://www.sony.co.uk/view/ShowProduct.action?product=HDR-CX6EK&site=odw_en_GB&pageType=Overview&imageType=Main&category=CAM+High+Definition+on+Memory+Stick Basically my boggle is that i can buy it alot cheaper on ebay but i dont want to buy one imported from the USA a
  8. Thanks for the help and info guys, I will get a sim from hutch and see what sort of speed im kicking out and if i cant run VOIP calls over that speed then i will just visit a wifi hotspot (preferabley a free one) and connect there to make my long distance phone calls as its much cheaper than paying the mobile networks. Cheers. Look out for my next post on Thai Electronics NTSC/PAL questions? haha Cheers
  9. Thanks guys, a few good suggestions there, can i get a sim card to run on the cdma evdo on my n95 as it is capable of doing this but having looked on the hutch website its seems that i would need to buy some sort of usb modem, would it be possibel just to purchase teh sim card that goes inside this modem?? Also if i was just to get a sim that was connected to a gprs/edge, would this connection be fast enough so that i could connect on it and make VOIP calls over the internet??? Thanks again
  10. Thanks for suggestions guys, yes i have wifi but im looking for a solution that i can use anywhere, and those cards can work out expensive if you are online alot does anybody get fast internet access on there phone?
  11. Hello folks, its been a while since i posted so be kind and help me out im going to Thailand again but last time i was there it was really annoying me to get internet access I have heard there is usb modems that you can get and use for access but i am only staying for a couple months so i dont want to tie into a contract. I need to get access to the internet and also make voip calls. I can do both of these on my nokia N95 here in the uk and i can set that up to use as a modem to connect to my laptop (apple mac) but which mobile network is the fastest/best for accessing the internet on the
  12. Just what i was looking for cheers mate!
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