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  1. was just browsing and saw you.. sawadee krap

  2. Still around here? :P hit me back sometime na hahaha

  3. sankhara parama dukkha

    nibbanam paramam sukham...

  4. Hello, how have you been? I haven't been here for a while, you still look gorgeous! Hope all is well with you ja:)

  5. Hello to the lovely nurse Sassy

  6. Dr_Sassy

    We're luckier

    I let you down before.. and I'm sorry... I'm lucky enough that you could forgive me tho... anyway.. at the age of 31 .. i feel lucky to be here, to be who I am right now.. hope I will always find positive choices!
  7. I have been stalking you..and a few more friends :twisted:
  8. Dr_Sassy

    Hello TF

    I'm weird too, darling? lol
  9. [email protected] Socially visible products here (including some Asian countries) are overrated.. i doubt if rich people will take a bus to work, or unplug electrical devices when they are not in the room! As long as they think they can always "afford to pay", nothing would change this behavior. I'm sure we all are "aware" of this but have no effort to start. By the way, got electricity bill today and it was down to 2xxx sth (it was 4xxx THB before) because I set my AC to turn off at 5.30am instead of 9.30am.. wow !
  10. Dr_Sassy

    Trap the tiger

    woo! it keeps me up!! LOL
  11. Dr_Sassy

    Free Beer and Chocolate

    aiyahhhh no red wine plus chocolate and hot...errr
  12. LOL cute conversation so did you send me everything you have? She would be dangerous when she gets mad omg.. don't you deal with fire haha
  13. time to save them before they get deleted :wink:
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