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  1. waste of time..

    Why are most people here on TF?Well, seems painfully obvious that it is just to get attention.Mostly meaningless mindless (vote button) attention from people they hardly know. I don't see any value at all in this.I would like to make real friends, but I cannot call anyone I have met on TF a real friend.Yes, I know I'm not there to come out to the parties, and I don't have time to constantly remind the world of TF of my existence. Isn't there more to real friends than just being able to show up at parties together, or exchange some mindless banter online?Well, I guess it is just me.But it seems that everyone just gets tired of TF and leaves after a while.
  2. coming for holiday...

    well, i'll be back in thailand again for another holiday. planning on taking it kind of quiet and spending as much time outside of bangkok as possible, but will be around for a few nights though. i have not planned anything and probably won't, other than just meeting up with a few friends for a few drinks or a meal. hope to meet up with anyone who would like that. I'll be there from 20 Dec. - 5 Jan. i could be up for any destinations there, although I'm kind of fixed on Krabi in the first week..
  3. Viva la City of Angels

    Hello, everyone. Well, I've been very busy with work and life here in Riyadh. I am so very much looking forward to getting away from here for a couple of weeks for a holiday back in Thailand. I miss partying with my TF friends. I hope everyone who can, both old friends and potential new friends, will come out for a great party on Friday night. I will buy a drink for each person who comes out. I'm not sure of the best location so please leave your suggestions. I am thinking maybe Glow or Bed.