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  1. Cool! I can probably help as I have almost exactly the same model sitting right here! So assuming that you do need NAT and DHCP turned on so other computers can be connected here's what you need to do. First configure the static IP. Select LAN then Static DHCP. You need your MAC address. [You can find this by clicking on your local area connection in Network Connections (normal left click) click the support tab then details. Copy the Physical Address entry right at the top. That's the MAC Address.] Choose an IP address. If your router is at the defaults you can choose To make sure, check the Client IP Pool Starting Address under LAN Setup DHCP. I think it will be or something very close. The first three sections of the number must be the same. The last section should be different to avoid possible conflict. Now select NAT in the Advanced Configuration and it's probably set to SUA that is probably good enough. Select edit and you will see where to enter your port forwarding. Renew your IP address and check to see that it's the one you assigned. Port forwarding should now be working!
  2. Hey, great post and all true. I bought a MacBook Pro a year ago after close comparison as you have documented. I will never look back. It also runs windows just great, and that in a virtual machine with ability to move back and forth between to two operating systems almost seamlessly. Quality hardware that is a good value for money and a far superior operating system!
  3. It's difficult to give exact instructions as it depends on the configuration interface of your router. I'll assume your on a DSL connection and are able to open the configuration interface for the DSL modem/router. What brand and model is it?
  4. yes, i very good read. it seems to me that it's not often that such a remarkable individual explains the secret of their success so clearly, and with such honesty. it does seem that some are destined to be successful while others are not, but it also seems that it probably all depends on what's in our heads, what we really believe is possible and expect for our futures, what we are able to feel comfortable with which would seem to be changeable if not a recipe for success. how big a role ability plays is might be a real factor or is it usually more of an excuse?
  5. yes, it would seem he might be far more useful considering the situation in the philippines that in thailand. but i suppose that would be very embarrassing in deed. population growth is out of control there most probably due to the policies of the church against birth control. well the catholicism of that country has done little or nothing to curb prostitution and rampant government corruption and it seems criminal mismanagement.
  6. i did. well, i guess it was about 10 months to be honest and i was not in thailand for 5 months of that. and also didn't really start dating for the first 2 months.. so how long was it really? anyway.. what a waste of time!!
  7. wow! i must express my agreement here.. i never would have thought the day would come! lol hmmm does expressing agreement = begging for an attack?
  8. okay.. i was being sarcastic earlier.. let's say that cyber is a great improvement on masturbating alone... if you can masturbate alone why wouldn't text chat with the right person be quite a strong extra stimulation? can share some great fantasies that you might never share otherwise.. of course webcam's more like the real thing (reality) or like your own personal interactive porn, don't forget about the audio that can be more important that webcam for sure!.. but like sex in person for most normal people who haven't managed to become totally cold people.. it does carry emotion attachment.. i mean you wouldn't do that with someone you felt nothing for would you, or would you? so.. hope that anyone doing that would be mindful of this.. i mean take responsibility for how you make others feel..
  9. hmmm a lot of points have come up here.. ummmm (pun not intended) lol so, as i was saying.. one that i didn't see raised though was that there is really porn and porn.. i mean there is lot of difference obviously.. so to appreciate it maybe a person has find out what their preferences are.. porn can be great.. a woman who has a taste for porn can be great.. those who are afraid of the whole idea of it and not willing to explore can be quite stifling. most porn is made for men, so little wonder that most women don't find it particularly appealingly. good to find some equality here, some give and take.. and the best.. yep.. just make your own porn with what one you feel that way about.. no enhancements required! what's the big deal about kids getting there hands on some porn? kids will explore as their curiosity leads them.. they are going to learn sooner or later.. an adult introducing a child to porn is weird, but friends or near friends who understand each other and have a good idea about how the other is going to react.. quite normal.. the difference seems to be manipulation vs shared experience.. then here is also education.. this brings to mind the movie "Kinsey", worth watching..
  10. well a lot can change in romantic liaisons that are not yet fully established in a very short space of time in thailand in particular i think. it's got to be standard practice there to keep very frequent contact to remind of the arrangement and reassure that your intentions and interest has not changed. not sure how much time passed between the arrangement here and the time of the meeting. if not the same day a reconfirmation the next day was surely in order.. short memories or attention span?? :roll: but actually i think it commonly assumed there that an appointment that is not reconfirmed again shortly before it's actually planned to take place can be considered to have been canceled. i've observed that thais/asians in general/or just second language uses would have confirmed the confirmation if the situation was reversed.. i learned by the same disappointments to always call whoever i was meeting on my way out the door to make sure they were also on the way.. this saved me a lot of waiting around and frustration.. it's my guess she did feel bad about the misunderstanding, but could not admit/accept that she was at fault.
  11. well, i believe in a combination.. first it's got to be soulmate theory that brings you together.. yes i believe in love at first sight as well.. so along with soulmate theory there is required a lot of good timing.. but there are probably more than just a few people that could be potential soulmates given the right circumstances and timing it's more like a percentage of people.. but probably > 1% of technically eligible others for most people. the percentage is higher for people who have had generally more typical experiences throughout there lives, a commonly experienced socialization. so then once soulmate theory and good timing have brought you together then for most people i think, after the initial bliss wears off, work it out theory has to come into play.
  12. hahaha.. here in saudi never use your turn signal if you have to cut in.. got to take them by surprise!! got to noise in just the right amount so it will be very tight but not impossible for them to still pass.. take on small narrow vehicle in front of a big wide one for sure success!
  13. cool, well, have a great party and a great trip!
  14. happened to me but unfortunately the conversation didn't go like that....
  15. Should go to show people who didn't already know the kind of mindset those drugs can create in users. Hopefully will result in better control and less corruption allowing the trafficking.. and also push family members to who know about using members to take stronger action before it's too late..