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  1. Yeah not on so much these days but hope things are going well for you, Mark

  2. Hi Mark,

    See you checked my profile...I don't even know how to use this website now its totally f**ked...cheers

  3. how r u batman *..*

  4. It seems a good trip there. Thanks for voting me. I haven't been here for a while. TF has been changed a lot. Hope all is well with you. Nice day!

  5. Yeah it's a pain
  6. Only cos the dust made you so thirsty!!!
  7. TheBAT

    Experience snow.

    It's ****...I can't stay upright after I leave the pub!!!
  8. I import handmade (blown...lol) glass dildos from China...give me time to choose my weapon May
  9. Get your lighter out and melt the *****!
  10. TheBAT

    DIY barbie outfit

    **** you are bored...Lesson number one (1)...steal shoes of children on the flight next time!!! ; )
  11. TheBAT

    Been good and sober

    I'm in BKK in 30 days time (I'm not counting) and all the milk will be contaminated then!!! Deester...wanna drink?
  12. TheBAT

    Hair cut.

    Just sexy!
  13. TheBAT

    lovely item must-have

    Having trouble focusing right now...damn those Coronas!
  14. TheBAT


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