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  1. if his phone was right in front of your eyes, then why not ??
  2. you should see vietnams then
  3. jevnam


    luckily its not busy today, its never too busy for me as i am lazy one ). You have a good day lol
  4. hehe haha hohoho LOL
  5. how much ?? set a price, so poeple can give a decide
  6. jevnam

    Hi everyone!

    i've been wondering where the famous thai smile is ?? can you tell me ? thank you
  7. still beautiful as ever ^^
  8. lol we all are friendly here, dont u think so ???
  9. don't you see that you guys are bigger than us in every way huh ? so i guess its about food and sports. Have a good day there !
  10. wow, the word 'vietnam' has been just spoken a lot on here lately
  11. it often rains a lot this time in hcmc in the evening, well...or all over vietnam, just wanted to let you know :roll:
  12. jevnam


    yawn (:| oops, sorry to bother you
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