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  1. Thanks for sharing Whisker.. Seem a heap of fun there.
  2. He is one of the best always..and his song is touch. Thanks for sharing.
  3. Sometimes is nice to learn from the dog.. thanks for good story.
  4. No burqa, No ninja dress needed in Abu Dhabi but still proper cover dress such as long pants, long sleeves, business attire are fine. May avoid tight fit dress. Abu Dhabi is modern place and not much problem for ladies. Aware of day time heat, could reach +40C. So select clothes that light and good heat transfer as natural fibres that all I could think of now. Enjoy the trip..and don't forget shopping. Have fun.
  5. Let s explore and walk..I am in.
  6. Arrrgggss..... too late to get low cost airline ticket online now..Can somebody lend me private jet?? Btw have fun..!! LOL
  7. Stu, Happy to you. Robin is little angle!! Maybe see you and talk more in the office...
  8. for Thai, yes it s funny. Super funny ;-) you put smile on my face Stegee, welldone. for whom who not familiar with cburning hilly, yes it unbearable. hahahah.
  9. China town area, where called 'Sam Peng' Many wholesale shops there, open during 10 am - 4 pm. Maybe you need someone who knows the area.
  10. Ahhhhhh guys you were up till dawn and survive LOL Stu, thanks for the pics
  11. It was fun drunken night....thanks to all you guys.. Drunk again soon Papa Fred..great shot, thx for sharing