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  1. Gay McD advert

    I'm lovin' it.....but not in a gay way......
  2. Model arrested for 'letting teen boys grope her'

    @condotown: Me thinks he doth protest too much.
  3. Bangkok Cleaning Day!!

    I am indeed impressed....and humbled. The spirit I witnessed today was like nothing I have ever experienced.
  4. That would never happen in.......

    All through the Red Shirt Protest, people were saying (myself included) "that would never happen in a western city"...refering to the length of time and scope of the protest itself and the destruction and disruption it caused......"those guys would have shot long ago..." etc etc etc. Well, today, I went for my daily survey of the roads.....Rama 4, through Silom, and on too Siam/Central World......what did I see? 100's...no....1000's of volunteers on their hands knees scrubbing away the fire and smoke damage ...shoveling garbage...and generally just pitching in. Whether or not you feel certain things "would never happen in...."...one thing is for sure, Bangkok Thais, and presumably Thais in general, do indeed have a strong sense of community. It was heartwarming to see all those regular folks out there in the hot sun doing there bit to try and get Bangkok back to normal. My hat is off to you. PS: standing in front of a gutted Central World Plaza reminded me of 9/11 and Oklahoma....two things that did indeed happen in a western city! Think about it.
  5. BBC Bites

    It's 2am and I'm watching the news BBC. I was getting all riled up listening to that numbnut reporter make it sound like the Thai army was randomly killing puppies, followed by the presenter's interview with the Thai ambassador to the USA.....she desperately wanted paint a picture that was sensational, but K. Don whatshisname wasn't falling for it.....I was thinking; "Ah crap! these assholes have got me all riled up with their narrow armchair opinions being flogged off as news" and then she asked the question: "Is Thaksin the leader of the Reds?" "Yes, if you asked 100 Thais who the leader of the Reds was, 200 would answer Thaksin" Priceless.
  6. Opinion of a farang man who has been in TH for 48 years

  7. Opinion of a farang man who has been in TH for 48 years

    CORRECTION: saying that neither group is in touch with real Thailand is factually incorrect. The fact is, BOTH groups are intimately familiar with real Thailand and that is how they are able to manipulate the masses....what I should have said was that neither group is touch with real Thailand's needs or best interests.
  8. Opinion of a farang man who has been in TH for 48 years

    @damnGIRL.....perfect. equating poor eyesight with brainwashing.....that makes sense. Now totally ignoring the statement for it's content and focussing on who it was addressed to? That sounds much more like brainwashing to me. @damnNAM....here what comes again? are you saying the red shirt movement isn't stupid or that the yellow shirts are in touch with real Thailand? Got news for you...both are stupid and neither are in touch with anything except the self-serving agendas of those that lead.
  9. Opinion of a farang man who has been in TH for 48 years

    @damngirl......"there is more behind".....that's what gets my goat! Of course there is more behind it. But it's not what you think. Your misguided sympathy rests in two very wrong assumptions: 1. the average "demostrator" (aka sheep) has ZERO idea why they are really there....all they know is that they have more cash today than they did yesterday, and they can justify that becuase the "leader of the day" has told them they are fighting a good cause....and 2. Not one of these so-called leaders has anything but his own self-interest, gain, fame, bank account, at heart. Again....this applies to either Red or Yellow shirt mobs....it just happens to be the Reds turn. Thank god these sheep have short attention spans, otherwise there would be a rainbow colors to deal with!
  10. Opinion of a farang man who has been in TH for 48 years

    @damngirl.....Got news for ya sweetheart...those "terrorists" in the south of thailand you are willing to "kill all" are "Thai people" too! And while I of course hate the thought of a young innocent being shot...what the hell is he doing "taking a peak" in a live fire zone? By now, everybody and his dog know the area is dangerous......where were this kid's parents? I may seem harsh with my comments, but I am sick and tired of all this "convenient" and "selective" outrage. As an idiotic aside, and speaking of dogs, normally you can't walk five feet in bangkok without having to step over a soi dog...and yet I can't recall seeing one single solitary soi dog in any of the footage shot over the last few days....do they know something we (humans) don't? PPS: I did see footage of a cat chasing a pigeon, but who ******* cares about cats anyway?!
  11. Opinion of a farang man who has been in TH for 48 years

    Cosmo...you would have to be completely delusional to do otherwise.
  12. Opinion of a farang man who has been in TH for 48 years

    The fact that any "white-skinned" visitor to this country would assume such a strong one-sided opinion is rediculous. This whole situation, and all that preceded it, have nothing to do with any kind of altruistic intent or democracy or betterment of the people or any of that sound-bite bullshit. It does, however, have everything to do with a few self-serving, rhetoric-spewing, sheep-hearders grabbing what they can while the getting is good. The leaders of these "groups", for the betterment of all Thailand, should be lined up and shot....and I don't give a flying **** what color shirt they are wearing.
  13. Best MMA K.O. of all time

    Been watching UFC for years...seen all the great knockouts...so was sceptical about this being the "Best MMA K.O. of all time "....but that was pretty cool!
  14. Kick Ass!

    Paulgh....hadn't heard anything about that....but it does explain the chubby i had during her fight scenes. Karnie....yeah....part 2 will interesting, but doubt it would be as good. Much of what i liked was the "surprise" element of seeing an 11 year "kick ass" 2unik....did you have a chubby too?
  15. Kick Ass!

    Have you seen this? Hero spoof movie meets Tarantino! I totally got a kick out of this movie.....the "Hit Girl" action was some of the best action sequences I have ever seen. This kid Chloe Grace is going to be huge HUGE friggin star! Kinda like you knew Nathalie Portman in The Porfessional (Leon) was gonna be big....this kid is going to be SUPER BIG!