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  1. Judging by the lack of response, you can probably see that this website doesn't really work any more. Years ago you would have had a string of welcomes, greetings and new friends already.
  2. ah...yeah...busted. Yeap...hmm..I errrmm.. ahahahahaha. How are you?

  3. It's alright. Was very surprised to see you. By the way...I am not there anymore. Back to teach piano:)

  4. Sorry I didn't recognise you..it's more that my brain could not compute that it was you..too much of a surprise. You look younger...not older!

  5. That's the beauty or maybe the sadness of life...people come into our lives, leave their impression..and then move on. We go through life leaving impressions in other people's lives. I wonder what it would be like to see everyone again. Life is a series of ships passing in the night..some take longer to pass. Some you see again, others disappear over the horizon on their own journeys and we never know where they go.
  6. And how about good points? I haven't bought it yet? Is it worth it?
  7. I think I'll be going for it pretty quickly...sounds the biz to me. Maybe see me in the Apple store tomorrow...
  8. I think you'll find plenty of girls to show you around Pattaya, and they are very experienced at taking care of US servicemen.
  9. CMG_UK

    Bad Planner

    If it's a popular development, and as it's close to completion, maybe you can find someone to take over your booking and pay you what you have paid so far...or even a little more. people are keen to get into a new development without the long wait for it to be built. Make enquiries with the developer
  10. CMG_UK

    Belgian food

    With a side helping of friet...
  11. CMG_UK

    Stories Of The Bargirl

    Well Kat...we can see the choice you made in your photos...I'm sure that was based on love
  12. Which vineyard did you visit?
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