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  1. Might be a bit hard to find after all this time! Good luck anyhow!
  2. Not only in Bkk! Also in Isaan, a Ladyboy is a respected member of society! Maybe you won't find many (or any) of them in the villages - nobody is making bad remarks of them and if the topic is up, no negative quotes are heard.
  3. Must have been some very brain-sick people who invented 50(!!!) genders....
  4. Well, Thailand may be 4th on hard liquor consumption, but if you go for the overall use of alcohol, it might not even be among the top ten, if you look at beer (Czech Republic, Austria and Germany on top) or wine (don't know the ranking, but Spain and especially France and Italy will be high up).
  5. Thanks for joining the Good Music group! Hope you have a good time there and also at TF in general! Keep on rockin' icon_biggrin.gif

  6. Thanks for joining the Frenchies in Thailand Group! Hope you enjoy it as well in our groups as also on TF in general!

    Merci de joindre la groupe "Frenchies in Thailand" - j'espère bien que tu t'amuses sur notres pages!

  7. Thanks for joining the Nostalgica, Frenchies in Thailand and Travelers Groups! Hope you enjoy it as well in our groups as also on TF in general!

  8. Some more nice pics of you, my sweetheart!

  9. That's a great one! And it's also good to have you and your interesting blogs back on track!
  10. Wrong corner of the world...
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