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    That's reason why I don't want to go out because I planed to see a movie but I had to cancel because of Song Kran Phapradaeng. when I think again it's good to get wet abit hehe
  2. lightblackeyed

    Back to Thailand

    Hummm Aussie guy is so big! Yummy hehe
  3. lightblackeyed

    Job Interview

  4. I wanna cry when I see my name on your great friends list * crying * Happy New Year for you too na ja So who you gonna get wet with wa ? Haha I get wet already tonight at my hotel Have fun dude!
  5. After tried to log on 3 times , I know that we have a problem with msn tonight! Seng Mak!
  6. Everything looks good but your sausages are abit small I like the big one it's not enough for me!
  7. lightblackeyed

    She's Gone

    Rob , I'm sorry to hear that but I can not talk to you on msn na Don't afraid of that girl so much just block her hehe
  8. If it was Thai , it would be okey for me
  9. You know I'm dirty like you!!
  10. Or you want me to give you another sentences ? "ÂÑ´ãËéÃÃèÃÂ" "à ªÔ­ÊÇÒ»ÒÃ" or blahh ... lol I just can think about a dirty word Whahaa Anyway thanks for ur sms today na ya ... Wow 23 me!! lol
  11. " á´¡ãËéÃÃèà" 5555 Hope can help you abit
  12. Can I join this class ? hehe
  13. It seems I enjoy my new job now ... It makes me deal with many cute guys! lol
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