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  1. Here! Me! btw.. can anyone recommend me a paperbag wholeseller?
  2. toma

    Bashing Thailand.

    "thai women are evil articles" Can't find the article or anything related.
  3. toma

    Kunny, Vlad and 5sum

    5sum? Where the heck are pics of the fivesome?!? -.-
  4. toma

    my new office...

    I am jealous!
  5. toma

    My TF Event Dream

    You forgot SMSKUN.
  6. Leave Michael Alone, he's dead already! Is this guy famous? He looks so familiar.
  7. It's definitely not the Thailand I've seen the last few days.. western media *enter here the roll eyes icon*
  8. toma

    lucky i can swim

    blue toe nails, a very extravagant taste
  9. toma

    Feeling this way....

    Classic! Don't think anyone knows that the were dressed by Versace.
  10. toma

    Need your help !

    Do what Rob said.
  11. I don't think that I would have a problem to walk naked around BKK, but I had so much bad luck these days.. I am pretty sure a dog would misstaken a part of my body with a tiny sausage. btw.. where is Vladimir?
  12. toma

    Drawing in the park

    Nice to know the face behind the account.
  13. which one do you prefere?
  14. @BidKus I <3 u 2 @hugo Unfortunately it was my friends car and driver. btw.. Thanks! (Schlechten Menschen geht es immer gut) ;-)
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