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  1. you are so cute...

  2. I'm fine. and you?

  3. I am in Norway, study and work (so tired)

    Take care

  4. I am in BKK for few days. where are you?

  5. I am in BKK...where are you?

  6. I am in BKK for few days. I like to see you... what are you doing tomorrow?

  7. Hi, I am good and you???

  8. I hope you are having a great day...thinking of you...

  9. how are you dear...

  10. hi Kann, how are you?

  11. you look so lovely

  12. missing your sweet smile...

  13. hello dear...how are you?

    What is new with your life.

    I will be visiting Thay in 2 weeks...I hope we can meet...

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