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  1. thank you very much :)

  2. Good luck, have a safe and pleasant stay in New Jersey :-)

  3. thanks for the vote and here one vote back.

    Btw, what is 'Kauy Tiew Khaum Sook'?

  4. Thanks for your vote! Good night.

  5. They actually list girls with questionable ID cards on SET??? I always thought short time vs long time meant something else, but perhaps the terms are connected to an investement plan? What's next, drive-thru ladyboy bars? Sorry, didn't mean to hijack the thread, please continue :-D
  6. hehe hillarious :-) I have to wait a couple of weeks before telling it to my collegues though ;-)
  7. I once f**k a goat, so they are real... oh, you were talking about ghosts... my mistake, now I just feel silly... :-)
  8. Does anyone have nude pictures of Magica de Spell?
  9. Hope uncle have a nice weekend ,vote for you

  10. you might try it sometimes, together with your partner, I am sure he will appreciate the effort ;-)
  11. 1 Vote for Uncle .Have a nice day

  12. vote for you hope you have a nice day Unclie.

  13. Goood Morning Uncle!! 1 Vote for you Wish you sleep well and have a nice day .take care

  14. Is this KING KONG right? Unclie lol.