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  1. I joined November 2005, and first time back after a long time. This transformed into another site years ago, and I thought TF was completely gone. It is interesting to see it back up. Old posts on Facebook of Stickman, one from 2008, had this link, so I clicked it to just see, and low and behold it was back.
  2. A programer, and web designer for bt270 an hour.....hahahahahaha, good luck.
  3. I think you might consider concentrating on the third aspect more, especially part 4. to abstain from idle chatter that lacks purpose or depth. Positively phrased, this means to tell the truth, to speak friendly, warm, and gently and to talk only when necessary.
  4. I guess it would be "Up In Smoke", as she was cremated.
  5. You're obviously using the wrong key words in your Google searching. There is nothing listed for karate, as there are no dojos so to speak, but there are plenty of listings for Muay Thai training camps.
  6. You could always try your hand at managing a restaurant. If you look around you can usually find one that will give you a shot if you have experience. You could also try the oil exploration companies if you have experience. Teaching is always an option if you have a college degree. Then you can open a business if you have plenty of money you can afford to loose, and have experience in anything, but be aware there is a list of jobs you can not legally do in Thailand. Your best bet is to work for a company in whatever country you live in that also has offices in Thailand then get experience with them so you can transfer over here. This is best accomplished if you are fluent in speaking, and writing Thai.
  7. He is right in his assessment that this is already going on, and in a large way. What he doesn't get, and this shows his stupidity, is you don't change the distribution system already in place for the money received as bribes now. He is neive to think anyone is going to take a huge pay cut by giving their bribe money to the school system. It ain't gonna happen, and will very easily cost him his job if he presses it further. I'm surprized someone hasn't made it clear to him already how things work. This is another good example of the government putting unqualified people in positions of responsibility. Instead of dealing with the issue of poor educational training in the schools, he's more worried about legitimizing the bribe money already coming in, without a clue as to how it works.
  8. A simple google search for you turned up wikipedia's discription, 'C4 is made up of explosives, plastic binder, plasticizer and usually marker and odorizing taggant chemicals such as 2,3-dimethyl-2,3-dinitrobutane (DMDNB) to help detect the explosive and identify its source', but I am just going off my training in the military in how to detect, and use it. It's funny how much they taught in jungle survival during the Vietnam war era. Even though I was only an electronics intellegence specialist, coming into the war zone I still had to be trained in jungle warfare, and survival before I got there, and why to this day I will not eat bugs ever again.
  9. This is not a time for the Thai government to pressure foreign embassies to lift the warnings (of which China didn't issue any warning), anytime soon, or be saying this has only short term implications. There is one element of this no one is addressing in the news, with a possible censorship dealing with it. These suspects all flew into Thailand, and did not bring the C-4, or hand grenades with them through airport security from the countries they came from on this trip. You can tell you are around C-4 from quite a distance just by the oderous smell it gives off, and hand grenades would have set off every metal detector, or been identified through the flooriscopes used in the scanning. This points directly to there being a network operating in Thailand that supplied them with the extremely hard to aquire C-4 bomb plastique, and hand grenades. This isn't ammonium nitrate that can be aquired from any farming operation, this is military only explosives. They also revoked his residency, implying one of the suspects had been granted permanent residency, being here continuously for a minimum of three years, with only short leaves out of the country allowed, and not classed as a tourist. He also had to be supporting himself some way the whole time. Why hasn't this been reported on yet? This implies long term planning, and not simply a few tourists coming into Thailand for this one job, as the last Lebanese suspect also proved. This all shows there is a very dangerous terrorist network operating in Thailand, and the USA had good reason for not lifting the original travel warning when the Thai government refused to see anything going on that their so called intellegence network had been tracking for over a year. Yeah right...Money means more here than a few lives, as has been shown countless times. The Thai government doesn't even issue a warning when a bomb does explode, then there being a clear network in operation.
  10. Yeah, it's pretty amazing, and why I shared it months ago. http://www.thailandfriends.com/entry.php/42378-It-s-not-just-glass-anymore
  11. Thailand lacks the potential profits for any company to build a mega entertainment project tourists would pay to frequent. There is too much corruption, and government protectionism for serious investment projects for outsiders, and no one Thai has enough business sense to do it with tourists best interests in mind. Look what happened to the night safari in Chiang Mai, they also opened up an exotic animal meat restaurant right down the road. Both went bankrupt. Major changes in the laws need to be made before anyone would even think of investing in Thailand's tourist industry. Governments don't make these kind of investments, they only provide the laws, and tax structure to make it feasable. Foreign tour operators, or guides are prohibited, so no native English, or other foreign language guides that are needed. No land ownership for businesses, except in special industrial zones, then very limited. No complete ownership of a corporate business without 51% of the owners being Thai. Sure there are illegal ways around these, but mega builders don't violate the laws to do business long term. No stable government is a big inhibitor with any third world country. Disneyland doesn't build in third world countries on the speculation of change for the better, or on rented land. These are the most prevelant barriers to tourist development in Thailand. No one internal knows what to develop, or how to do it, and no local money will be spent on development without clear favortism built into the licensing, and a monopoly established. Thailand has what it needs for tourism to flourish if there was a stable government, and not a lone fugitive trying to create a dictatorship.
  12. To buy 25% of Ebay for $50,000 when it was offered again, and not worry it being the only auction site on the internet.
  13. Did you really look? There are so many recipes online, Google is your friend. http://thaifood.about.com/od/thairecipes/u/classicrecipes.htm Also www.thai.food.com
  14. There used to be a few on here, but they haven't been active for quite some time. Mostly foreign men on here only, and we moved here for the food.
  15. You've got your hands full now. Jack Russell's are one of the smartest dog breeds, and they learn very fast. I had one some years back. They are very protective too, even though they aren't very big. They travel good, and mine used to duck when we went through the tunnel in our area looking through the front car window. He traveled up, and down the West coast with no problems, except on the beaches in Oregon when he wanted to run, and knew he could. They can't stand their own smell so will roll in anything they can to get a different smell on them, like dead seagulls, and other animal poop, so be ready for that part of their natural instinct....lolol. He also learned how to honk the car horn, and would honk it if I was gone too long. He didn't just honk it in a continuous manner, he would do a honk honk honk, then wait a minute then honk it again in a different pattern as if that mattered. They are very smart so be careful, and don't act to surprised when she catches you off guard. You've got yourselves a loyal companion for lots of years.
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