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  1. Taj Mahol Tailor, or Raja Tailor next door, on soi 4 are two of the oldest tailors starting out during the Vietnam war outside the gate at Udapao outside of Ubon Ratchathani, then moving up to Udorn Thani when Udapao closed, the whole time they were buying land along Sukhumvit. The fathers run the shops on soi 4, and the kids have the shops out on main Sukhumvit. They do top quality work, with top fabrics. They have customers still using them from those time periods. Once a year papa goes on a trip to London, and New York doing fittings for his best clients. I used Taj Mahol quite a bit when I was still working. He uses all imported cloths, and will do anything you want, even top everything off with a nice Cashmere top coat. Get your slacks half lined on the inside with however you decide on though. Their prices are higher, but so is the quality. They are 1/2 a block to the right of the NANA entrance.
  2. Not exempt. I just don't have to use Chaeng Wattana. I'm not about to go that route and invest enough in-country to become exempt. For some reason I just don't trust investing large sums in Thailand. A little playing around money yes, but not enough to become exempt with an investment visa.....lolol.
  3. Did mine downtown last week, and was done in 20 minutes. Left home, and was back in 45 minutes. They are so much nicer than at Chaeng Wattana, the nice lady in room "A" even filled out my 90 day reporting document for me as she wasn't busy at all. My motorcycle taxi driver waited for me as he knew it would be quick. I'm actually kind of glad I don't have to deal with going out to Chaeng Wattana anymore.
  4. Happening on the Thai side is called community radio, of which most are unlicensed. There are little 5 watt transmitting radio stations (commonly refered to as rice field radio stations) all through the North, and NorthEast of the country, and this is the sole connection with the outside world most rural folks have. It is pure brainwashing.
  5. Umm, there is a major demonstration in front of the Council of State on Monday from 11:00am until 6:00pm, then as far as people standing up, they started during Thaksin's last term in office, forcing him to hold a snap election, that was thrown out for fraud, then the Yellow shirts took over the airport forcing what's his name out, then there was the redshirt protests that also resulted in an early election, and just recently flood victims have been expressing their displeasure very vocally, resulting in government compromise, and unfortunately in a recent explosion, so to say politicians aren't used to people standing up to them is getting to be an outmoded way of thinking for a few years now. You can go back quite a ways for examples of people standing up to politicians in Thailand, with some giving their lives in the act, is it '73 that comes to mind, or was it the more recent one in was it '82? That one I'm not sure of, but the '73 one produced politicians that are now leaning a different way. The trouble with standing up to the government is it can cost you your life. When things get so bad that people have nothing else to loose then that is what they do, as has happened here, and around the world more recently. Also right now the only branch of the government the majority of the people trust is the military, and their unhearlded unselfish helping during this flood crisis. They are the only ones in the government that have gotten their feet wet to help, and not expecting anything in return. They are the only ones that have shown where their hearts are in relation to the country, and its people. Don't forget they staged a coup sure, but they did not retain power as most coup leaders attempt to do. They only acted in the best interest for the people of Thailand. The way things were headed at the time changing things by election was not going to be a posibility.
  6. Has anyone noticed that all of Thaksin's friends are communist, or dictators, or elected individuals, but in countries with only one political party? Has anyone also noticed that his favorite political color is red, yet it is not his birth color? Thaksin's ambitions are patterning Chaves when he took over Democratic Venezuela, then passed laws removing the time limit he could stay in office. He is now elected for life, with any opposition in the elections accidently suffering death for the most part. Chavez also courted the poor in his initial elections using populist platforms. If Thaksin succeeds in getting the law changed preventing the government from having control of the yearly military reshuffle, then it is over. Luckily he failed in trying to get the media laws changed giving his wife's brother complete control over the media, but getting control of the military is a whole new ballgame. That is the only thing that stood in his way last time, and the only thing standing in his way this time, thus the need for the law change before he gets back. His ex-deputy prime minister is now the head of the administrative court so he is safe there now from any new charges being levied. They will simply be tabled. The real bad thing is he has shown he has no qualms about killing, and having people killed for his benefit. Him returning without going to jail, and H.M. the King at such advanced age now, the likelihood of him taking over the country completely is very high. He does think he should be the next king, and has no qualms at all in how he gets there. The only good thing will be the baht going back to about 40-45 to the US dollar, like it was when he was in office before. A weak baht means better export competition, and he has to have outside money coming in, or he has nothing to steal. These next few months are very dangerous times, much more so than during the demonstrations last year. As soon as he is back his sister will disband Parliament after February when his 5 year ban from politics is legally up, and call new elections, with everyone getting only one guess as to how that will turn out, then the revenge starts so there is no objections to him being in power.
  7. Then check out the new Sony NEX-5N with the 18mm-200mm lens. It'll feel funny because it is basically all lens, but it has the APS-C sensor size, the same size as the Canon, or Nikon DSLRs you are looking at. It also takes full HD video, like the D5100. The video comparing the T2i with the T3i failed to mention anything about the big improvements in software, mainly noise reduction at high ISO's that was improved on with the T3i, something the new Sony improved on, and the D5100 excels in. For image quality Nikon, Canon, and Sony are at the top. Put any of them on a tripod, and you can also shoot major motion picture quality HD video if you want, and with a child video is not something to overlook. Portability is all in getting used to taking whatever you get with you. Be it grabbing a camera bag, or just the camera with lens. It's just a matter of getting used to it as a fixture attached to your arm. Your married now so you have a free hand that isn't flipping pages, and grabbing your di......oh you get the idea. With the D5100, the Sony NEX-5N, or the Canon you do have the ability with the right lenses to shoot pro level quality that if you choose is salable. Something to think about when you consider the quality issue of what you buy. No reason to get something that doesn't meet the quality factor if you want good pictures for yourself. There is absolutely no reason to compromise on picture quality if you are going to get a good camera. This is one of the minor drawbacks about Canon, they make 2 classes of lens, one for consumers, then their "L" series lenses for pro shooting, and there is a huge price difference, with a noticable picture quality difference. The other 2 makers don't do this. Just something to keep in mind if you go with Canon. I still recommend the D5100 with a 18mm-105mm lens, or the Sony NEX-5N (the "N" is the new model that just came out) with the 18mm-200mm lens. Something to keep in mind also if you want a high quality camera (picture quality) is to go with an APS-C size sensor at the minimum. Anything smaller, and the image quality goes down as the sensor size gets smaller. DPReview.com, and POPPhoto.com are very good review sites to compare any cameras you consider getting. With DPReview.com you can select different cameras, and compare them side by side, they also do extensive camera testing, more so than PopPhoto does now.
  8. Go with the latest/newest of whatever manufactorer you choose. The T3i from Canon, the D5100 from Nikon (A great camera, same sensor as the D7000), or the Sony NEX-5N. Always get the latest as it has the newest improvements in the software. A great all-around setup is a D5100, with the 18mm-105mm VR lens to go with it. This covers most anything you want when shooting family, from close to medium distances in a quality you can enlarge to about 20x30 to put on the wall if you want.
  9. Yeah everywhere there are gold diggers trying to get as much money out of foreigners as possible, even during this flood disaster. The government only wants money from foreign governments, not real help that might have saved lives. The gold digging happens everywhere.
  10. I like the term most are giving her, "BadLuck". She is also turning into a "Square Face" just like her brother. Being a "clone" she should know exactly what she is doing, as she has all Thaksin's experience behind her. She now has all her experienced relatives, and close friends in places of power, so there is no reason for all the confusion, and indecisiveness. I do not really believe in superstition, or premonition, but with how the Tsunami hit when her brother went bad, and now with her in office trying to bring back the bad policies her brother instituted, then all of a sudden one of the worst floods in the history of the country hits, it really makes me question if forces beyond our control are saying her family does not belong in power. Initially it can be passed off as coincidence in her brother's case, but when it happens again is it really just coincidence, or is their more to it? The term "BadLuck" fits her, and is going to stick with her as long as she remains in power.
  11. I'm trying to understand where you are coming up with this 10% business. There is a bt100 difference between the buying, and selling price for Thai gold, by the baht with either jewelry (23 carat), or bar gold (24 carat), then there is the bt300 handling fee. At bt25000 for bar gold this morning that doesn't quite figure to be 10%. Where are you getting your 10% figure from? You buy, and sell from the same shop. There is a bt300 fee when you buy, then a bt100 reduction in the price when you sell, plus again the bt300 fee. Both in, and out that only comes to bt700 per baht. Where are you getting the 10% from? Are you equating this to buying gold from a Thai shop then selling in the USA, or some other country?
  12. There is not a clear set of demands yet in the USA occupy campaign, but there is in other countries. Spain has clear demands (and most think this is where it all began, not the Wall Street occupy, but the name hadn't been established yet). What is being set up, and hopefully will be capitalized on in the uncoming Presidential election in the USA, is for unknown independent candidates of regular working people to come forward, joining the political election race at all levels, and exploit the nationwide number of Occupy participants, and sympathizers with a campaign platform attacking the rich, and corporate America. If there was a new party formed using the Occupy name it could have a big impact, much more so than the Tea Party movement. Their candidates are a joke. If it is done right with the right unknown candidates (not from political circles), those people could win. The protesters, and those that support them are ripe for someone with a clear plan not favoring the rich, and putting a theoretical end to corruption to step forward. In the Middle East it is being done violently. In the USA it is now ripe to do it without much violence.
  13. It seems he has made a good return if he sells now...lolol. I just bought a few blocks of General Dynamic (GD on the New York stock exchange) for a five year long term investment. It might go a bit lower than the $63.46 I bought it at, but its outlook is very good, and the dividend is healthy every year. They just made some key aquisitions to diversify, and continue to solidify their government dealings. With both wars ending the militaries will be updating equipment, with General Dynamics as a major design, researcher, and supplier, they look to again beat profit estimates. With a P/E of 9.13, and $2.4 billion in cash on hand, I saw it as a very good time to buy. I can live with a 9%+ return on investment in these times.
  14. koolbreez

    FROC. Screwed up!!

    Life means nothing in Thailand. Those supply bags did not have the correct political picture in them so could not be handed out to the red shirts, and all the people left are of the wrong color, both political, and skin. It is bad to say, but it is nice to see that Thaksin's house (not to be confused with a home), is flooded. What is bad is that the Thai people will pay for rebuilding it too.
  15. Anything higher than normal is good. Those extra CMs could make a big difference. Time for her to get as much plastic wrap as possible, and start wrapping the big stuff up. It might help.
  16. That's much better than the bt1000 the farms are offering for ones you catch, and bring back to them. This is not the time to be a dog lost in those areas. The crocs should stay fed for about another month, and finally have a chance to actually hunt their food. To get pictures of ones making it into the Bangkok klongs would be worth money.
  17. Just remember that he is your dad, and he does know what he is doing. It might be hard living out there at the moment, but they are safe, and dry, even though the water is up. What they cherish is worth protecting just by being there. No one will physically harm them there, but if they leave they could loose everything that has value in their lives. Remember this, and understand that there is nothing more you can do to make it easier other than understanding why they choose to stay. They are not alone, there are many others that have made the same choice as them. Just try to understand that a flood is only temporary, but loosing all that they cherish, and that reminds them of their life would be devastating, much worse than the flood damage. My father lost everything he owned in a house fire, and it totally destroyed his will to live. If your parents lost all they have to thieves, and looters it would do much more damage to them than this little water will. Just try to understand what they value, and cherish. I imagine they are happy that you are safe, and able to fulfill your resposibilities. They would not be there if it was totally unsafe to do so, and they do know that you would be there all the time if you could. They know how to survive, and make the best of this temporary situation. In ways it can make them even closer together with the neighborhood. Just try to understand that they do know what they are doing, and will not put themselves in danger. You can look at this situation as being very dangerous, but understand that to them it is just a temporary hardship, and it will pass. They do know what they are doing out there, and will not let themselves get hurt. Your dad would never let that happen, and there are enough people around to help if the situation did become dangerous to stay there. Their life does have value, and what represents their life also has value. Understand what they are protecting, it is not just a few things of value, it is what their memories are built from, and will be built from in the future when they get older. Try to sleep knowing that your dad will not let themselves get hurt. They know your heart is with them every night.
  18. koolbreez

    Hello guys..

    I live in a very nice neighborhood close to Victory Monument in an apartment building that does have what you are looking for, I just don't know if there are any availible right now. 2 bedroom, with kitchen, and parking. 3 guards on duty, key card, and locks, and you can put your own lock on the door, fully furnished, or any combination you might want, even with bedding if you need. water is good price, with electric at bt6 a unit. 6 month lease gets free wifi, and pool privilages (it has a very nice pool area), cheap restaurant on property, mini mart, and 2 laundries, with good washing machines for doing your own laundry. Salon on property, very helpful manager that takes care of any problem very quick. Gated entry onto the property. There is a nice little park 1/2 a block behind the buildings, and a bigger one on the street going to Century Plaza, and the Victory Monument area. 7-11 at the end of the soi, plenty of restaurants, plenty of karioke clubs if you like that sort of singing partying with friends, yet this is at the end of the soi so it is very quiet here. It is a 15 minute walk to the Victory Monument BTS, and Century Plaza, 10 minutes to the Ratchaprarop airport BTS, or a bt20 motortaxi ride that is right outside the gate. The Pratunam area is a 30 minute walk, with all its shopping. The local temple is right around the corner 50m away. One of the reasons 2 bedroom apartments don't open up that often here is that all the nurses from 2 different hospitals in the area live here, so when an apartment opens up their friends move in quickly. It has a very good reputation with them so their friend want to live here too. Send me a message, and I'll give you the managers phone number, and address so you can check it out if you are interested.
  19. This is hilarious. To actually realize that the farmers think this will be different than when Thaksin was in office when he last did the rice mortgage scheme (yes he is the real PM again), shows how short the farmers memories are, and how gullible they are to believe it will be any different this time...eieieieieieiei. The farmers will not see any of this money directly as they are, and always have been, forced to sell to the millers/warehousemen in their area. As before this is designed to stabilize the prices the few large millers/warehousemen are payed selling on the open market. Without the scheme they are forced to sell at world prices, on the open market with the true fluctuations inherent in supply, and demand economics. Under this scheme/sham, just like before, they will receive a guarenteed above market price from the government buying their rice, and not have to worry at all by any fluctuation in price, making huge profits, just like before. They don't even have to wait until buyers are ready to buy as they would on the open market. The government will buy from them immediately, and there is no limit on how much the government will buy from them. How could a miller/warehouseman ask for anything better? The government on the other hand is now the one that will bear the brunt of market fluctuations, just like before. There is absolutely no concern that the government will take big losses doing this, just like before, when they are forced sell the rice as it gets older, and quality starts to drop, then with a new crop coming in with a need for the limited warehousing space. This is only designed to help the few large miller/warehousemen get large sums of money from the government, just like before. There is absolutely no interest in raising the world price for rice in the long run, just like before. The one thing that will again happen, and is totally illegal, is the buying of cheaper rice from neighboring countries, and selling it to the government under this scheme/sham by the large millers/warehousemen, making even more large sums of money, and again just like before. When Thaksin first ran this rice mortgage scheme there was more rice bought by the government than was produced in the country, and no one did anything when it was discovered....hahahahahaha. We'll see this time how much rice is bought, and how much was actually grown in Thailand during the same time periods. Millers/warehousemen have been hoarding supplies, and probably already buying rice from neighboring countries since the announcement, until Oct 7th when the government will start buying all they have in storage at double the current price of what they would have been selling the rice for on the open market. They have already driven the local price up by doing this. Prices will go up marginally for a very short time period until the supply again reaches the point of market saturation, as it will, and the price goes back down to where it should be, with the Thai government loosing even more money, and nobody caring at all. The government isn't going to take this supply of rice they buy off the market for very long. They have to sell it to free up warehousing space for the next crop, and so it doesn't get older loosing quality. It is a perishable product with a shelf life. This whole re-introduction of rice scheme reminds me of the joke about 2 old farmers at the movies, and on the screen just as the 4 lovely young women get totally undress to go skinny dipping in the lake, the train comes by blocking the view of them getting undressed. After watching the movie for 9 times the theater manager finally asks them what they find so interesting in such a lousy movie. The one farmer turn to the other one, and smiles, then they both break out laughing. The manager asks them what is so funny, and they both say to him "One of these times that train is going to be late".
  20. Call his wife, and tell her to leave him because you want him all for yourself. Then tell him the same thing, but make sure you do call his wife first. That should stop him from calling you, and stop him from going after some other girl while he is married.
  21. You have to wonder why your friends are single if they know so much? Jealously, or trying to create it, is just insecurity, and does not build trust. Never go down that road that you think you have to make your husband jealous to see if he loves you. In the end if you do it too much you will be just like your friends, alone. You are not an insecure person. You know what you have, and you know your mind. Don't doubt yourself like your friends do to themselves. Build on what you have instead of trying to keep it from growing like your friends do. They can't get past trying to figure out why someone does actually care about them to let a relationship grow. They destroy their relationships because they can't understand why someone would like them for themselves, and not for what they can do. They are good examples that lasting relationships are not built on sex alone.
  22. Be very specific on what they use to fill the inside of your cushions with. There are fill products used that can't be imported into most countries because they haven't been properly fumigated. If you go to the Pratuman area, and explore the back streets you will find many shops that can make your cushions for you. In the area I live by there, there are streets filled with seamstress sweat shops that can make anything you want out of fabric. You supply the fabric, and stuffing then they sew to whatever pattern you want. You will need someone that speaks Thai as none of them speak English. Find Ratchaprarop soi 22 then simply walk up the soi, and choose the seamstress you want to use. There are 40+ shops to pick from. You do have to supply your fabric, thread, and stuffing though, which you can find in the China town area for the best prices. If you don't want to do it that way, then any of the tailor shops you see can also have cushions made for you, but it will cost.
  23. Always wear your protective safety glasses when working with power tools.
  24. It's sold out, and has been for a few weeks now.
  25. The new job provides more stability. That is a big factor. Look at it in the framework of how much BS you put up with in the current job, then consider how less you will have to put up with in the new job. After what you have been putting up with, you'll be able to handle anything the new job throws at you with no problems. You've been paying your dues, it's now time to move up the ladder with the new job.
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