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  1. Did you have anything in writing? That would usually spell out if the deposit was refundable, or not. If nothing was in writing then did he really give you the money?
  2. I knew this resident assh0le was lieing out his teeth when he said he blocked me.......hahahahahahaha. To hear advise from a person that is only in the numbers game about how many girls he can sleep with in a month is hilarious. He can't hold a relationship together, and also can't seem to read past two sentences.....lolololol. This is the greeting committee for any male joining TF, and gets the prefunctory bashing when this assh0le sees a threat to his perceived picking grounds of Thai girls. This is the type of guy girls looking for a serious relationship get scammed by. He is so bitter towards anyone that can hold a relationship together that he becomes vile in his response to anyone even thinking of such a relationship. Check all his past responses to any new male joining, and you will see how outright jealous he is of any perceived threat to HIS picking grounds....I can only continue to laugh at this assh0le, as others do too.....eieieieieieieeieieieieieiei
  3. Did you REALLY think I love you? But you said "up to you"!!!!! What do you mean you're out of beer?
  4. Nice of you to join TF. Contrary to what the resident assh0le has to say, and the less than a 1/3 of a person in all of Thailand the admin made reference to, there really are good Thai women that will want to get married before they meet you. They are serious in their intention, and what they talk about. It is, from my experience, just their way of being direct in their use of English, and making sure your intentions are real. They don't want to waste their time with you if you are not serious about a long term relationship. They do eventually want to get married, and what you might be experiencing with the one you are talking to is the leading of your talk, and questioning in that direction. They will not actually know if they will marry you until you meet, but they will know that your intentions are in that direction, and not just wanting to sleep with them, then be on your merry way, as a few of the assh0les on here do. Sure there are scams, and most of those involve bar girls, or sex workers. There is a whole other group of women that chat that are looking for a serious relationship, and have a tendancy to imply getting married after you've talked to them for a few months, or even weeks. Take it for what it is, testing your intentions in developing a long term relationship, but as has been mentioned, if there is an inquiry for you to send them money in any manner, dump them, and keep looking. I had 2 different women I used to chat with that thought it was easy to find someone on the internet to get married to because a friend had met someone on the internet, and after a long relationship, meeting in person for extended periods of time, they finally got married. My 2 friends took that as a sign that you can meet someone on the internet to marry, but they totally disreguarded the time put into developing the relationship by their freind, and thought it happened in just a few months of talking. Be smart about what you are doing. To get a Thai girl into the USA, and if she has any kind of record of being a sex worker she won't be allowed entry, takes on average 1 full year for a fiance visa. Including what Bill has listed, you will also have to prove you can support her for the time she is in the USA on the visa, and you will have to provide medical insurance for her. This involves documented records of your bank accounts, and proof of income, then medical insurance in her name (that is one expensive item to get if she isn't married to you, and can be placed on your policy). If you actually do intend to get married after you meet her, apply for the fiance visa before you get married, and postpone the wedding until you get it. As soon as she gets the visa, then get married in Thailand, and register the marriage with the local Amphur, but do not register it yet with the US embassy, wait until you get her into the USA before you do that (register the marriage with the US State department). If you don't do this you will have her waiting in Thailand another year while she is approved for her green card. If you get her into the USA before you register the marriage, then you simply change her status, and apply for her temporary stay permit, then she waits in the USA with you while her green card is approved. It does not matter with the immigration department that you do it this way as you will be grilled on 2 different occasions testing your relationship with a fine toothed comb. There have been way too many marriages for money since the Vietnam war for them to think any marriage to a foreigner is legitimate. It used to only take one year for a spouse to get her permanent green card, now it takes 11 years, with most getting citizenship before they get their permanent green card, and the right to stay in the country long term without being married. They can devorce you after only 2 1/2 years, right after they get their 10 year green card, but they will have to have been living with you, and for the most part sleeping with you, given the questioning in the interviews you both will go through with immigration just getting to that point, if she does make it into the country to begin with. If things don't match up then she gets deported on the spot, and no green card is issued. She could leave you when she gets her 10 year card though, she just would have to do something in that time to get permanent status. This should give you an idea of what you are dealing with, and what you will be dealing with if you do decide to marry. I've had 7 different friends marry Thai women, and move to the USA, and in every manner you can think of, with a few of the girls just staying illegally in the USA after their tourist visa expired, then getting married. 2 had to wait an extra year for her to get into the USA because they registered the marriage with the USA embassy in Bangkok, then she couldn't enter the country as his spouse until her green card was approved. The funniest one was a very hiso girl who's parents didn't approve of her marrying a foreigner, so they eloped. This caused so much loss of face for her parents that her Mother didn't talk to her for a full year, and her Father still won't talk to her when her husband is in the room. Her sinsot would have been bt10,000,000 with 25 baht of gold. He refused to pay this, so they eloped.....lolol. Big loss of face for the family.
  5. koolbreez


    Are you still by yourself? You are married, you should be with him by now.
  6. Go onto YouTube, and search for Bon teaches Thai. She is very good, and will give you all the lessons you will need for your one month of study, and she is free.
  7. Use them, and report back to us. Most here use Agoda, and most of those that don't use Agoda use some other service that books through Agoda....lolol.
  8. With Yingluck in office now, most certainly 4 different poses of her brother Thaksin, and if he wasn't the only one on it, he'd make sure it was taken down....lolol, and it would be his contractors that built it, at a nice profit to start getting all his money back that was confiscated.
  9. You need to go to Chaeng Wattana immigration to get an extension. It is bt1900 for 1 - 7 days, that is the max you can get with the visa exemption stamp you got coming into the country. A 2 week extention was never available on that exemption stamp on a USA passport. You will pay bt500 a day overstay for everything over one day. If you fly out you get a one day grace period on overstay, more than one day is bt500 a day up to a max of bt20k. Crossing overland has no grace period. You can cross at any border to get an additional 15 day stamp. This used to be 30 days, but was changed during Thaksin's last time in office to discourage backpackers from coming back into Thailand, unless they were doing it to fly out. He really does hate backpackers with a passion. For someone that dislikes visa runs, it is your cheapest option....lololol. You can do it at any border. A nice one to do it at is to go to Koh Chang, and take the boat to Cambodia, and back. It gets you your 15 day stamp, and is more scenic than the PoiPet run, with the time being about the same, leave early morning, and you're back late evening. You can catch the night bus to Nong Khai, cross over the friendship bridge at 7:00am, cross back, and catch the 9:00am bus back to Bangkok arriving around 10:00pm. Any of these options are cheaper than your proposed overstay cost....lolol. You can fly to someplace like Yangon, or another close country, and the cost will be about the same as your extension cost, and overstay cost combined.
  10. koolbreez


    For most the hardest person to please is yourself.
  11. Maybe he will grow up to be addicted to something that can kill him like the others you listed did.....hahahahaha. Heroin got 2 of them, alcohol one, and some say a combination for the rest............but then again if he was to become a heroin addict, or an alcoholic maybe his music would get better....eieieieieiei.
  12. koolbreez


    You have to remember that all the tiring work you do now is so when you get older you won't have to work as hard anymore. In some circumstances if you focus your work now in the right direction when you get older you will not have to work anymore at all, and at a younger age than most people quit working, if you want to. You will have that choice. That is the reward for your hard tiring work now, so you do not have to work all your life. When you reach a realistic age to quit working you will be able to do it. There are too many people that do not do this, and they end up working all their life, with no time to finally relax, and say "I'm done working, forever". Your tiring schedule now will allow you to say that in your future. What you are doing now will finally show the rewards in 20-30 years, or maybe even quicker. It is so hard to think that far in the future, and say to yourself "this is for my future", with that future being so far away. Your day to day, or even year to year dealings with new bosses, and different working conditions is just a drop in the bucket when you look at the long term, and how many more times you will face these same situations. Never think of it as selling your dreams if what you do will get you closer to reaching your goals in life. Your only purpose is to get to the point where you do not have to work anymore if you do not want to, and to get there with a healthy body, and mind. Think of how your life can be when you no longer have to work. That can be a strong motivational factor in determining what you will go through to get there....hehehe.
  13. Once either one cheats on the other, there is no getting the trust back, and the relationship is over. To think that the one that cheated will never do it again is only fooling yourself. The chance of it never happening again is pretty remote. It's not worth going though the pain, and suffering to convince yourself it will never happen again with that person. That is the biggest lie you could convince yourself to believe, because it will happen again. Get over it, and move on without looking back.
  14. I think in this situation, without knowing more details, I would be inclined to not understand them, and ask them to please explain what that means. You could get away with being niave in a situation like that, and use it very effectively. On an even stronger note, ask them to excuse you for a minute while you get your boss, who has a better understanding of English, so he can explain what you mean, and might have more means to help them with the problem, if they have a problem, because you really don't know what they mean, and you do need your boss's help with English to understand them. Putting them in a position to explain themselves, and continuing to not understand them can really get to them in the long run, and really piss them off, and in a way that you can not be blamed for anything. Without you understanding them, their expression has no effect, and that will piss them off real good. Asking to be excused so you can get your boss to explain what they mean could very easily shut them up completely. It is a good way to handle people that say that to you in a business situation.
  15. What allot of people don't know, and have been mislead by the PTP about the wage hike is it will only apply to Bangkok, not the whole country. Even though he is a square face, you still have to know that Thaksin is the one that leads, and sets policy for the new government. From Thaksin's speech last Sunday in Brunei, where he has been based to meet with those likely chosen for cabinet positions, he gave this interview. http://www.bangkokpost.com/news/election/246421/thaksin-outlines-his-vision-for-a-new-thailand Thaksin outlines his vision for a new Thailand Published: 11/07/2011 at 12:00 AM From the questions asked him: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Interviewer: What about the minimum wage plan? Thaksin: The 300 baht a day minimum wage, or plans to pay new graduates 15,000 baht a month, will both be based on tax cuts. Whoever fears they will be the only one to pay has to change their thinking. The 300-baht minimum wage will only apply to Bangkok. In other areas, minimum wages will be lower. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ These are Thaksin's words, and will be the "clone's" words, and policy also. He now sets policy, and people should not forget that. He will be running the country, and stealing from it again through the "clone". He also has $1.4billion US to get back also, and will start that process first thing. With him, and the "clone" money comes first. The wage hike has already been changed by his words from what was promised. Bringing back the "Square Face" song has to be done so people remember what Thaksin being in charge will mean, and don't for a minute think that he won't be in charge of running the country. He will again have his hand in every single element of government operation, and the money.
  16. There are some people that like to get dressed up to the extreme, going to great lengths, and spending lots of time to look just right for a simple shopping trip to the market. The thing that breaks the boredom is getting ready to go out. It's not so much where you go, it's just the fun of dressing up, and looking extremely good. You don't even have to go anywhere special. It can just be going for a quick trip to the market to do some grocery shopping, but knowing that everyone is looking at you with jealousy, wishing they had taken the time to look as good as you do. This can break the boredom very well if you think about how good you can make yourself look, and then do it. Just have fun doing it, and your boredom is sure to go away. This picture will give you an idea of the lengths you can go to dressing up for just a simple trip to the market.
  17. koolbreez

    How I Can Do This.... :(

    Think about what you think HIV is, and after you get them comfortable with you sharing everyday things, ask them if your thinking about HIV is correct, or not. In a nice way tell them what you think, and ask if it is B.S, how you can change your way of thinking, and how they can help you in changing other people's way of thinking about HIV. If you seriously show them that you have a real interest in getting the facts right with your way of thinking about HIV, you just might get responses others won't get. Being honest in how you relate with them will get you honest answers. They don't want sympathy so try not to show that. They most likely want friends. What ever you do, don't look down on them as anything less than you. In many respects they are very strong willed people just to be able to live with their illness. Rambutans are in season so bring a few kilos of fruit with you and share it with them as you talk. Sharing is the quickest way to get confident in what you are there to do. You share your experiences, and they share there's. They just might have experiences that will help you with problems you have in life. There is nothing wrong with asking them for help, and it could be the big ice breaker in talking with them. Instead of how you can help them, which is the sympathy avenue, and not good, you think of how they can help you. I would expect them to be very open to being asked to help with a problem you have. I doubt if very many people want their help. Think about it. For them to have made a movie they will be allot more open than most HIV patients, let them into your life a little bit, and they just might give you more than you got from the movie. Just a thought. Remember to have fun with the assignment.
  18. Considering that you can get marijuana in every single city, and town, no matter how big, or small, in the USA, there has to be a huge distribution system in place, and for a considerably long time. For that to exist for so long, and the huge amounts of money involved, you would come to the conclusion of government involvement again. There has always been a need for huge amounts of untracable money by certain government agencies. In the early 80's it was money to finance the Contra revolution in Nicaragua, funded with a CIA sponsored cocaine smuggling operation that became public when they attempted to kill the pilot, but failed the first time, and he went to the press. He did get killed on the second attempt. No one knows how much other illegal money, and drugs were, and are still being distributed by the CIA, it's agencies, and contractors. Anytime there is a need for covert operations in some foreign country, but they don't want to go to the Congress to get funding, and make their actions public, they use covert money, untracable. Think about how much money is spent on Marijuana daily in every single place people live in the USA, and how much money is needed to finance covert operations, and you start to see why certain government agencies do not want to see Marijuana legalized, even in a medical setting. You take away their billions, and people die, and have in the past. With the AMA (American Medical Association) endorsing the medical use of Marijuana, you wonder how those in the DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency), the agency that gives doctors their license to prescribe drugs, yes they aren't just in the business of stopping illegal drug use, they also license the legal use of drugs, can be so anal in their one sided beliefs, no matter what evidence is put in front of them, and no matter how insistant local governments are, they still refuse to make Marijuana medically available. President Obama made a huge step in the right direction when he put in place an executive order instructing the DEA to not actively pursue arrests in locations that had legally voted for medical Marijuana use, and also not to prosecute doctors for prescribing Marijuana. That was the big stumbling block they threatened, taking away a doctor's license to prescribe drugs if one of those drugs was Marijuana, thus keeping it out of the established legal distribution chain. That executive order is why California's medical Marijuana distribution has made a huge expansion in where it is available. It was limited to just a few areas, though those areas were in big population areas, now it is available everywhere that has a medical need. There are unscrupulous doctors that for $100US will issue you the card needed to buy from the Marijuana pharmacies if you don't have a real need, but those ailments that are now helped by Marijuana has also expanded. Basically if there is anything cronically wrong with you, you can get a medical card for Marijuana. Cronic being anything that has been going on, or expected to go on for a long time, stress related illness being recognised as a need. With a legitimate need for Marijuana because there wasn't anything else that could relieve the cronic severe pain from injury that didn't have severe side effects I was my doctor's only Marijuana patient, out of his 1500+ list of patients, I received both Marinol that insurance payed for (at $1600 a month), and medical Marijuana for free from my care giver. Because of my problem finding a prescription pain reliever strong enough, my doctor put me on Marijuana, I didn't ask, and he set me up with my care giver so I didn't have to go through street dealers to get my prescription filled. He was my regular doctor for 12 years before this so I didn't find him because of Marijuana. My doctor here in Thailand wishes Marijuana was legal to prescribe. It would help quite a few people with pain that don't have the money for strong prescription pain medications. She is fully aware of Marijuana's legitimate use in pain management, but helpless in getting it available for use. If it is ever tested in Thailand I am on her list as a candidate for testing.
  19. Most have been brainwashed to forget what brought about the creation of this song. I think now is a good time to bring it back so those that forgot can remember. The "clone" should know this song by heart, because if she truly is the "clone" like it is starting to look like, then this will be hers as well. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZO29Ry4v-O0
  20. Most have been brainwashed to forget what brought about the creation of this song. I think now is a good time to bring it back so those that forgot can remember. The "clone" should know this song by heart, because if she truly is the "clone" like it is starting to look like, then this will be hers as well. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZO29Ry4v-O0
  21. koolbreez

    Visiting Lao

    In Vientaine make sure you go to the shopping center across from the bus station. It is the biggest shopping area in Laos with everything there, from refrigerators in the front of the center to traditional herbal medicines way in the back, and everything else in between. The copy of the arche de triump that the French donated, and built, is the highest view in Vientaine. The climb up to the top is long, but the view is nice for pictures. It's kind of gaudy looking in the middle of Vientaine though.....lolol. You can take a boat cruise up the Mekong also if you want. They are cheap, and go for however long you want. All the way to China in 4 days if you so choose...hehehe. VangVien is getting to be like Pai with all the backpackers going there now to float down the river. Being on the border Vientaine is allot like Thailand on the other side of the bridge. You don't really get into the culture of Laos until you get out of Vientaine. Speaking Lao is close enough to speaking Thai that you won't have much problem at all with people understanding you. With only 4 days. I would look at LaoAirlines and pick one other place to fly to for 3 days. You can see everything there is to see in Vientaine in one day. You simply go to the airport, and book your flight the same day you want to travel, or you can use an agent in Vientaine for the same price, if you look on the website before hand so you know the prices of the flights. They really aren't that expensive, and for as little time as you will be there it is a good idea to fly somewhere else in Laos. http://www.laoairlines.com/flights <----just remember when you look at flights, you are flying domestic if you leave from Vientaine...hehehe.
  22. It's probably because of how you acted before. If she is being quiet when she is upset then it does involve you, and she does not like how you will react if she tries to tell you. If she tells you, and I use the word "tell" because whatever it is is way past the point of talking about, you will not just sit there, and listen. She thinks it is serious enough that it will start a fight, and so she is quiet. How hard is it to figure out? She is quiet because she does not like how you will react if she tells you.
  23. Money does buy happiness for those that are blinded by it. When you have nothing, and someone puts a small something in your hand (you don't know how small it really is),you blindly forget all of the past, and go where the ghost tell you, into the mouth to be eaten, and spit out. It is so easy to brainwash people. When the only media you hear, and the only news you read (if you can read) is telling you only one thing to believe, then you believe it. You want to be part of the community, not a separate individual. That part that leads the community makes more money off you than you can possibly imagine, just so you can be eaten, and spit out again. Yes money can buy happiness, but you still get spit out. I am looking for anyone that has a copy of the "Square Face" song that was written for Thaksin right before he left office, and the people were demonstrating in the streets to get rid of him. He got the "Square Face" name for a good reason, and there was a song written, he tried to find, and punish the writer, but fortunately never could find him/her. The clone is starting to set herself up to gain the same (clone) label. I want a copy of that song if anyone has it. Now is a good time for it to be played, just so people don't completely forget, and get eaten again.
  24. koolbreez

    Visiting Lao

    I travel in Laos very much. Don't worry about changing money. The only thing you will need Laos money for is if you go remote. All the main tourist towns take US dollars, Thai Baht, or Laos kip in that order of preference. If your dad is coming from The USA, have him bring US dollars ($35.00 each for both of you) for the Laos visa. If you pay in US dollars it is $35, if you pay in Thai baht it is bt1500, and at the current exchange rate of 30bt to the dollar, you save about $15US each if you pay in US dollars. Any other money is suspect, and exchanged first, so not worth as much. You get your visa at the border, and a Thai needs a passport, and visa if you go into Laos farther than just on the border towns. You are really not giving yourself much time in Laos. You will spend all your time on the bus traveling if you go anywhere other than Vientaine right across the border at Nong Khai over the friendship bridge. The place most go to is LuangPraBang. It is the World Heritege site in Laos, and right on the Mekong, but it will take you a full day up, and a full day back to Vientaine on the bus, then you will only have a day there. It is not worth going for that short of a time. You'll just sleep from the bus ride. You want to spend at least 3 days there to see what is on offer. That puts you at 5 days just in Laos, not counting the time it will take you going from Khon Kaen (about 5 hours to the border). Any place else you go runs into the same time, and travel problem, 2 of your days spent just on the bus rides to get to, and back from anywhere. If you fly then that changes, as it is only a few hours to anywhere in Laos on LaoAirways. They are safe now that they don't use the Russian planes anymore. If you can schedule the time foor a 6-7 day trip into Laos, you will have a much better time showing your dad the country. From Vientaine you take the bus to LuangPraBang, see the Pak Oue Cave, then the waterfall the next day. It the morning at 6:00am you take him outside to see the procession of Monks for morning alms. There are 4 Monk schools in LuangPraBang so about 100-200 monks going around in the morning. Then right after that at 7:00am there is the morning fresh market until 9:30am. Then it is to the cave upriver (that is the best part of the trip for 2 1/2 hours), with lunch across the river from the caves. Back in town early enough to climb up the steps to the top of Phuesi Mountain to watch the sun set. It's in the niddle of town. The next day go out to the waterfall for a swim, and to just relax. Back in town for good food along the river, and then the night market. From there catch the morning bus to Phonsavan, and the Plane of Jars. 2000-3000 year old stone jars with ancient history, but nothing exact on who, or why they were made. There are 3 main sites to visit. Another day there renting motorbikes to explore the area, then catch the night bus back to Vientaine, and cross the border on your way back to Khon Kaen. That is a nice 6-7 days trip without being rushed to see anything, and it will give your dad an excellent trip into Laos. You can exchange any kip you don't spend back into baht now so there is no worry about getting stuck with worthless money once you cross the border. It is still worthless once you cross the border, but now you can exhange it before you cross. I was last there 2 months ago, that being my 7th trip in 4 years. Just a thought.
  25. TOKYO (Reuters) - Forced to quit after barely a week as Japan's reconstruction minister for remarks deemed offensive to victims of the March earthquake and tsunami, Ryu Matsumoto had an unusual explanation for his behavior -- his blood type. "My blood's type B, which means I can be irritable and impetuous, and my intentions don't always come across," he said Tuesday after his resignation. "My wife called me earlier to point that out. I think I need to reflect about that." Matsumoto was tapping into a widespread belief in Japan that blood types correspond to various character traits. Japan's fascination with blood types began in the early 20th century and is similar to the belief in astrology and horoscopes. Many Japanese believe their blood type can foretell success in romance and the suitability for jobs. It's not uncommon for the subject to come up in conversation, sometimes as explanation for an action, and a directory of members of parliament lists the blood types of many, along with their home towns and hobbies. Many Japanese, however, said it was not an acceptable reason for Matsumoto's behavior on a trip to the devastated northern region, during which he told a prefecture governor the government would not help communities that failed to come up with ideas to help themselves. Speaking before TV cameras, Matsumoto reprimanded the governor for keeping him waiting and then ordered journalists not to report the exchange or else their media outlets would suffer. People with type B blood are believed to be stubborn, impulsive and cold, although they are also seen as practical, and Matsumoto's explanation was greeted with derision. "He should apologize to all other Type Bs," said one user of a Web chat forum. Matsumoto's resignation delivered a fresh blow to unpopular Prime Minister Naoto Kan, who is a blood type O -- believed to be sociable and energetic but flighty, able to easily start projects but then give them up just as fast. (Reporting by Elaine Lies, editing by Miral Fahmy)
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