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  1. He gave them their own money back, and acted like it was his. He rode a mini motorbike down the road outside RoiEt. First PM to do that. Then there was the money he gave out to buy votes. He elevated the typical bt100-bt200 into the bt500 level. At that time a weeks wages for quite a few people. He made promises, and promises, and gave out government loans. If he had still been in power when they came due, and he would have been if not for the coup, then the government (him) would have foreclosed on the loans, and taken the land, leasing it back to the farmers taking their profit. He was a smart businessman, and tried to run the country as a business. As a business if you own the land outright, and have leasees, then you make profit without doing any work, but those in the North seem to have been brainwashed to forget it was Abhissit's government that forgot those loans, not taking the farmers land. Everyone knew they couldn't repay the loans, but forgot who let them keep the land. What is real scary is how Thaksin is going to get his $1.9 billion US back, with interest, and he will do it. I really feel sorry for Yingluck. She will be his fallguy this time. He does not have any loyalties except to himself. If she would make him spend at least one day in jail then it would be different, but that will not come to pass. He wants to be a martyr without doing anything to get that status. What will be nice is the labor parties immediate push for wage hikes like promised, and her not granting them. It is bad for her economy to do that, but she promised it, and they are pressing for it. She will come apart quick if she doesn't grant them. The "square face" label will also be cloned.
  2. Even the footballer on TV in the background is rooting for the blogging star of the year.
  3. With all the pre-election rhetoric that this election was past the point of being about Thaksin, yet the first order of business is putting everything in place to give him amnesty. When that happens, the riots, or a coup, or both will take place. If she truly wants to bring the country back together, as she has stated many times, then she has to put her brother in jail before she grants him amnesty. That is the only way she will not be labeled a clone, and square face like her brother. She's still not PM yet either. It will be interesting if the charges of perjury against her will be thrown out by the SEC involving her behavior during the Shin share holder debacle. She did sell a large block illegally, after she said she didn't.
  4. This is NOT the face of a loser.
  5. It was one of the better TF parties. To bad it was to say goodbye.
  6. It was one of the better TF parties. To bad it was to say goodbye.
  7. 2 of my election pictures were picked up for worldwide distribution this afternoon.
  8. Yingluck still has charges pending with the SEC that could disqualify her. They are supposed to take up the case tomorrow. It was postponed until after the election. We'll still see. Thaksin is already dictating how the government will be formed....lololol. People were blind to how much effect Thaksin's "vote no" campaign would have.
  9. koolbreez


    Money buys invisibility.
  10. Hmm, in 8-ball, though in a different color group (Yellow), we finished first (Sports Academy) with 20 points, and in 9-ball we finished 3rd, only 2 points out from first at 19 points. It was a hard fought season for Sports Academy. Sorry about the Big Mango Babes placing in 9-ball. Now it's the singles touraments at the end of July. Hope to see everyone there. I'll be giving lessons....lolololol.
  11. That wasn't from him. It was from the soi 5 ***** that charged me bt200, and then expected a tip for a bad haircut.
  12. It's Thailand duh. They have way too many foreigners that think they should change the laws for them when they are here.....hahahahahaha. They want to not have people buying alcohol during the elections, and at other times, so what. It's their right to restrict everyone. Just off the top of my head I remember the idiot drunk in Chiang Mai that went to jail a while back that defaced a picture of H.M.T.King because he could not buy alcohol. That's just one example. With a google search I'm sure you can come up with others that support the perceived need for extra police in the tourist areas for possible idiot actions by those that just have to have a drink. You're lucky, you know where to go to buy your election day alcohol, but not everyone has your experience, and they are the idiots that end up causing the problems that will be refered to by the authorities in the future, and from past actions have the police increasing their numbers in the tourist areas. If you can't see how it shows foreigners in a bad light, then something is wrong. It's bad enough that every foreign male gets labeled as a sex tourist, but to add alcoholic to that because some idiots can't take a few days off from drinking will happen in a very short time. Your country origin might relish in being labeled that way, but not everyone holds your hopes.
  13. It's actually pretty sad that a group of people can't go a few days without drinking. That's what really sheds a negative light on expats, and what the article rightly implies from past actions.
  14. It is real hard to compete with my barber on Ratchaprarop just before soi 14, or the other 5 in the immediate area. Haircut, or shave is only bt60, and he does know how to cut foreigners hair. This is typical of most of the barbers in Bangkok unless you go to the tourist areas then you will pay upwards of bt200, the typical foreigner markup. Stay in the Thai neighborhoods, and barbers are good, cheap, and everywhere. You will go broke trying to compete with them.
  15. You want a good barber then my barber on Ratchaprarop just before soi 14 is great. Haircut, or shave is only bt60, and he does know how to cut foreigners hair. He is right next to a salon for the women at the same reasonable Thai prices. No foreigner markup.
  16. Woman sprays police with breast milk By Cynthia Johnston | Reuters CHICAGO (Reuters) - A lactating U.S. woman was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct after she sprayed sheriff's deputies with breast milk as they tried to remove her from a vehicle, police said on Monday. Ohio-resident Stephanie Robinette, 30, was arrested and charged with domestic violence and assault linked to a domestic dispute, as well as resisting arrest and disorderly conduct, according to the Delaware County Sheriff's Office. It said Robinette's husband told authorities the pair had been attending a wedding when his wife got drunk and started a dispute. He said that she hit him multiple times before locking herself in her car outside a banquet facility on Saturday. Sheriff Walter L. Davis III said that when police approached the car to speak to her, she yelled profanities and refused to get out. "When deputies attempted to remove Robinette from the vehicle she advised the deputies that she was a breastfeeding mother and proceeded to remove her right breast from her dress and began spraying deputies and the vehicle with her breast milk," Davis said. Robinette was later removed from the car and arrested after more deputies arrived on the scene. "This is a prime example of how alcohol can make individuals do things they would not normally do," Davis said.
  17. Working in a supermarket, and working in a restaurant are completely different. I would not recommend working in a supermarket, but working in a good restaurant I would recommend. You can make from $100-$200+ a day in just the tips. It is totally different from restaurants in Thailand. It seems to be your thinking that money is needed to be happy, and this is true in some respects. Not having money does create problems. That is why I recommend a good money job avenue with working at good restaurants. It is very good money, and contrary to some beliefs, it does take skill to make good money at it, and there are always openings if you look. Your present work experience gives you the ability to relate to your customers better in restaurant work, and that increases your tips. In another avenue you might find it necessary to go back to college, to get up to speed in your field in the country you will be in, or to change fields completely. You will be an asset to any business that currently operates, or is thinking of expanding business into Thailand, remember that. Your work experience gives you the ability to adapt to what is needed where you end up living. Your skills are not just limited to the current job you do, they are universal in lots of different businesses. Don't limit your thinking in what you are capable of doing. If you find you are lacking for the good jobs that are available you can get those skills by going back to college for how ever long it takes to get up to speed. You will get a good money job, but remember the only reason for you to work is to be happy, and make money.
  18. You only have to change your outlook on the kind of job you will get where your BF lives after you get married. The best jobs to get are waitress jobs in good restaurants. You work for tips, and tips are very very good. Thai restaurants are always looking for Thai waitresses that speak good english. Keep this job opportunity in mind if you want to have a chance of making good money. It's totally different than working in restaurants in Thailand. The work is pretty much the same, but the money is allot better. If you get married then that is the only time you will be interested in the job market. If you do not marry him, then you will be coming back to Thailand, so do keep your job opportunities open here. With the job market like it is in Thailand now, do not change jobs until you have another one. You don't want to be spending your savings now. That is not what you planned for your savings this soon.
  19. Her actions just let you know you will never see her again. You might hear from her, but she has no intention of ever seeing you again. She stole your hairbrush, and she uses it. She will tell her friends she bought it if the question ever comes up. You should have not let her off so easy. She is a thief, and you let her steal from you. She knows it is easy to do, and will do it to someone else in the future. You made it easy for her to do. You did not make an issue of her stealing, so it will continue. She wasn't your friend, as you really saw at that point, so you had nothing to loose by outright confronting her, and getting your stolen brush back. How many other things did she steal? Why didn't you get your brush back? What were you afraid of? It wasn't only a brush, it was you condoning her stealing by letting her get away with it. Now she will do it again.
  20. No, but he did kill his passenger, and that is not a good thing. You don't always look to others he might have hit on the roadway to find the victims of a drunk's stupidity.
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    Back home.

    Then get up, check booking agencies, and make reservations for your next trip. It'll give you peace-of-mind knowing you've got your plane tickets all booked, and payed for before the prices go up again. Hope you had fun.
  22. The government of the USA should have let General George Patton have his way during WWII, and overrun Russia. It would have eliminated allot of current problems....hahahahahahaha.
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