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    This is truly remarkable. Here is an amazing bit of technology that you would never see in person, as you would NEVER be alone in the room. It is ALWAYS VERY CROWDED and of course you can't see Michelangelo's artwork close up as you can here. This is especially spectacular if you have a large high-definition screen! Too many details to view on an iPhone.
    In the lower left, click on the plus (+) to move closer, on the minus (-) to move away.
  2. koolbreez
    Emergency Message to U.S. Citizens: Possible Terrorist Threat
    Note: Due to a technical error, some recipients received this message
    earlier followed by a recall a few minute later. You may disregard the
    This message alerts U.S. citizens in Thailand that foreign terrorists
    may be currently looking to conduct attacks against tourist areas in
    Bangkok in the near future. U.S. citizens are urged to exercise caution
    when visiting public areas where large groups of Western tourists gather
    in Bangkok.
    U.S. citizens are encouraged to maintain a heightened awareness when out
    in public; be alert for unattended packages/bags in public/crowded
    places and report any suspicious behavior to the nearest law enforcement
    personnel. We also encourage you to keep a low profile in public areas,
    particularly areas frequented by foreign tourists.
  3. koolbreez
    Most have been brainwashed to forget what brought about the creation of this song. I think now is a good time to bring it back so those that forgot can remember.
    The "clone" should know this song by heart, because if she truly is the "clone" like it is starting to look like, then this will be hers as well.

  4. koolbreez
    This outstanding virtuoso has been around since 2002 performing with a plethora of famous musicians, with some YouTube exposure also.
    She was born to a Chinese mother with clasical piano training, and a Hillbilly father with bluegrass roots. She starting on violin at age 3 in the Appalachian hills of Virginia.

    Ann Marie Calhoun vs Samvel Yervinyan

    Ann Marie Calhoun - "Runty" (Original piece)

    Amazing Violinists Ann Marie Calhoun and Alex DePue performing with Steve Vai

    Ann Marie Calhoun - Deathless Dance Music Video HD (The best is always last).

    Career successes:
    In 2004, she recorded the violins on the album Stand Up for Dave Matthews Band.
    In 2005 she toured Italy with the North African/American band Kantara which performed Arab-Appalachian music.
    In 2006 she was invited to tour with the progressive rock band Jethro Tull as a guest soloist. She admits: "I had to Google 'Ian Anderson' when he first contacted me."
    In 2007 she became a member of Steve Vai's band, Sound Theories. She began a world tour with Steve Vai in June 2007. Ann Marie received a gold sales award for her participation in Steve Vai's "Where the Wild Things Are" DVD. Her performance with Steve Vai on "Now we Run" was also nominated for a Grammy Award in the category of "Best instrumental rock group performance."
    Ann Marie Calhoun on violin, playing with Gary Ruley and Mule Train at The Southern Inn in Lexington, Virginia, Thanksgiving 2008
    At the 50th Grammy Awards on February 10, 2008, Mrs. Calhoun was the winner of the "My Grammy Moment" contest and played live with the Foo Fighters during the broadcast. Said Steve Vai about her performance at that event: "She should have been the one who had a full performance on the show, because she would have stunned people."
    She performed with Ringo Starr on Larry King Live, the Craig Ferguson's The Late Late Show, and at the Los Angeles House of Blues.
    In late February 2008, she stepped into the recording studio with The Hooters.
    In 2008 she performed multiple times as a special guest with the band Switchfoot.
    In 2008 Ann Marie performed multiple times as a special guest with the band Widespread Panic.
    In 2009 she performed with the First Lady of France Carla Bruni, Josh Groban, and Aretha Franklin, at Radio City Music Hall to celebrate Mandela Day.
    In 2009 she toured as a featured soloist with Yanni.
    In 2009 she performed several times with Bon Jovi, including a private Christmas time performance at the White House for President Barack Obama and his staff.
    January 13, 2010, she performed for Ringo Starr with Ben Harper and the Relentless7 on The Daily Show to promote Starr's new album, Y Not. She again played with them and Joan Osborne on January 14, 2010 for a performance at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, in the Grace Rainey Rogers Auditorium, in New York City which was recorded for and appeared in 2010 on the PBS show.
    Ann Marie collaborated with Hans Zimmer, as a featured soloist and contributing writer on the film score for the 2010 film Sherlock Holmes, directed by Guy Ritchie. The score was nominated for the 2010 Academy Award for Best Score. She also collaborated with Damien Marley to score the documentary Bouncing Cats, a film that follows one mans efforts to use dance to empower youth in war-torn Uganda. She worked with Dave Stewart (her manager through Stewart's Weapons of Mass Entertainment company), and co-wrote the theme song for the charity Stand Up to Cancer.
    She orchestrated and conducted an arrangement of Ill Take It All for Joss Stone to be used with Activisions James Bond series games.
    On May 17, 2010 she premiered as the lead actress, music composer, and official spokesperson for Tim Krings Conspiracy For Good aka SPIRA.
    Stevie Nicks In Your Dreams (violin) 2011
    "Ringo Starr" Y Not {violin} 2010
    Where the Wild Things Are, Steve Vai, violin. 2009
    "Joan Osborne" Little Wild One (violin) 2008
    "The Hooters"' Both Sides Live (violin) (vocals) 2008
    "Dave Stewart" Dave Stewart Songbook, Vol.1 {violin} 2008
    "Jethro Tull" The Best of Acoustic Jethro Tull {violin} 2007
    The Eclectic Bluegrass Collection, Various Artists, fiddle 2006
    Live at the Troubadour, Volume I, Gary Ruley and Mule Train, fiddle. 2005
    Live at the Troubadour, Volume II, Gary Ruley and Mule Train, fiddle. 2005
    Stand Up Dave Matthews Band (violin), RCA, ASIN: B00082ZSP2. 2005
    Pickin' on Wilco: Casino Side, Old School Freight Train, fiddle, 2004.
    Old School Freight Train, Old School Freight Train, fiddle, 2002.
    Gary Ruley and Mule Train, Gary Ruley, fiddle. 2002
  5. koolbreez
    You read that right 74,040 people want to work for the recently unemployed star. And that's just the count from Monday to Wednesday.
    Sheen posted a listing asking for a "hard-working, self-motivated, creative, resourceful and social media savvy individual" who will "work closely with Charlie Sheen in leveraging his social network," according to this posting on Internships.com, which is Sheen's first Twitter sponsor.
    The posting itself was a paid promotion. So what does it take to be Charlie's social media intern? Just 72 characters. That's all Team Sheen is asking for from applicants, which we bet is why so many people figured they'd apply.
    Charlie, we really do worry about you. But even NewsFeed has to admit -- this Twitter stunt is pure marketing genius. (Via AP)
    From the post on Internships.com.......The internship will focus on executing a social media strategy that will build on the success Charlie Sheen has attained in setting the Guinness World Record for the fastest time to reach one million followers on Twitter..........
    With this being the last day to apply, March 11th, remember it's a day earlier in the USA, here is the link to the posting. http://cs.internships.com/charlie-sheen-internship/
  6. koolbreez
    Left my apartment with my close friend at 6:20pm for the 8:30pm concert at Impact Muang Thon Thani. It took almost 2 hours to get there because of the terrible traffic. It was almost at a standstill between the 2 toll booths going out.
    Got to the Arena at 8:10pm, and picked up our tickets, then made our way through the security checks, and up up up to our seats. We had a very good view of the whole arena, and all the crowd. Supprisingly it was not a sell out. There were about 9000 people there though.
    The concert was supposed to start at 8:30pm, but didn't get going until about 8:45pm. This was good because there were allot of other people that got stuck in traffic getting there.
    The lights went down, and the band started warming up with their new song apollo. I say warming up because the first few minutes were getting into the rythmn, and getting in tune. Through the 20 minutes of this song the band got into it very well. Santana started to rock, and only got better as the night went on.
    Through a series of old classics, combined new tunes, and a guest from New Orliens sitting in for one song, 2 hours slipped away, it was a superb concert. Then the enchore started with a video of Santana's performance from Woodstock, with the band slowly flowed into the rythmn of that performance making for one excellent ending to a wonderful night of music from a legend in the rock world.
    Carlos never missed a beat the whole night, with his dialog promoting peace, and love, and his superb guitar playing, he had the crowd in his hand the whole night. 30 minutes later the concert ended with Carlos slowly making his way around the stage to exit down the stairs with a standing ovation from the crowd.

    It's always a treat to be able to enjoy such a fantastic performer, and legend it rock & roll. It's just a shame more of you couldn't make it though.
  7. koolbreez
    The Church of the Latter-Day Dude - based in Chiang Mai, Thailand.
    The man who founded a religion based on 'The Big Lebowski'
    When he saw the Coen brothers' hit movie, Oliver Benjamin had an epiphany, and he is now the "Dudely Lama" of The Church of the Latter-Day Dude in Chiang Mai.
    People who intuitively perceive 2,500-year-old Chinese and Greek concepts, while knowingly nod to California's detached hippie philosophy and quote droll lines from The Big Lebowski are joining a revelatory religion that has illuminated its U.S. founder in northern Thailand.
    Dubbed "Church of the Latter-Day Dude," the group also invites "mellow, unflashy chicks who hang around in their bathrobes and take baths with candles and whale sounds," says the religion's Dudely Lama, Oliver Benjamin.
    "Everyone feels oppressed by society's pressures," he says.
    "Everyone wishes they had more freedom. Everyone wishes they could be more carefree, to worry less about money and status."
    Oliver's church is heavily influenced by the Tao of Lao Tzu (6th century B.C.), Epicurus (341-270 B.C.), and the The Big Lebowski, a 1998 film written and directed by Joel and Ethan Coen.
    "Following Dudeism helps you to keep in mind what's important in life, what actually makes people happy instead of what makes them insane. Dudeism has a great deal in common with Epicureanism -- the original, uncompromised first draft -- which states that simple pleasures are best and that less is actually more."
    Born in 1968, Oliver grew up in Sherman Oaks, southern California, and got a psych degree from UCLA before working in graphic design for a few years and then traveling while writing three "bizarre" unpublished novels.
    He is currently a freelance journalist and photographer, based mostly in Chiang Mai, and plans to expand his church this year.
    "There are now over 100,000 ordained Dudeist Priests worldwide," Oliver says. "Most are in the U.S., but it's surprisingly popular in the UK as well.
    "There's going to be a Dudeist Music Festival in York this summer, and there's a movement to get it on the U.K. census as an official religion -- as Jedi was, in the last census."
    'We're never going to compete with Christianity'
    The Church of the Latter-Day Dude was actually born near Chiang Mai, in the hip resort town of Pai, where Oliver says he became transfixed by visions.
    "In 2005, I was up in Pai at a small cafe, watching 'The Big Lebowski' with a crowd of people from all over the world. I had seen the film once before and enjoyed it, but this time the experience was totally transformative.
    "I felt as if I'd seen a story that put all the difficulties of modern life into a manageable perspective. And it was probably the most touchingly funny film I'd ever seen.
    "Oddly enough, I'd long wanted to start a religion. During my travels I'd become an earnest student of religion and philosophy."
    Wedging his church into a world crowded by older, cash-rich religions is not impossible, but it may remain a niche belief system.
    "Money is power. Dudeists don't tend to be the upper crust of society. So we're never going to compete with the really wealthy religions like Christianity.
    "Ideally, we'd like to help people find ways to earn money with less work, but of course that's always a challenge. Fifty years ago, everyone thought that robots would be doing all the work for us and people would be living lives of leisure. That this has not come to pass is surely mankind's biggest tragedy," Oliver laments.
    "One problem also is that too many people just think the Dude is a burned out hedonistic stoner. Nothing could be further from the truth. He's an intellectual with strong moral character and a lively, creative mind.
    "He's also a stoner, but that's not a bad thing. Too many people confuse Dudeism with anarchism or selfish laziness. Dudeism recognizes the need for organization and rules, and the laziness it touts is disciplined and determined.
    "Free time should be used to free your mind and cultivate inner peace. Not to play 'Grand Theft Auto' all day and gorge on snack food," he says.
    The church is evolving, and hopes more members will know each other in the biblical sense.
    "Perhaps it's not surprising that the Church is about 75 percent male. But we are trying to actively bring in more women. We think that women suffer even more than men do from the dictates of modern society," he says.
    "We hope to start a Dudeist dating service soon, and a chapter in our forthcoming book, 'The Abide Guide,' will be devoted towards Dudeist feminism. Incidentally, we don't recognize the word 'dudette.' We're trying to help promote the idea of 'dude' as a gender-neutral word."
    Church of the Latter-Day Dude website: www.dudeism.com
    The Official Publication of Dudeism: www.dudespaper.com
    On Facebook: www.facebook.com/Dudeism
  8. koolbreez
    After the demonstrations, and the confusion by the press as to what the requirement was for a press card, and the time consuming difficulty in getting one.  The whole process has been changed, and is now handled by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs instead of the Immigrations Department.  The big change is there is now longer a bt400,000 banking requirement.  Now you only need a letter from who you work for (as was required before), a ligitimate news agency, or paper, proof that you've been published at least 3 times in the last year (this part is new), and to fill out the application. 
    There is no longer a monitary requirement.  This gets you 3 letters from the Foreign Ministry to get a 3 month non-resident type "M" visa, a work permit, and a press card,  then after the 3 months it is all renewed for one year.  To keep it you just need to show you are being published at least 3 times a year, and complete the new application for your 3 letters, everything else is kept in the database.  If you have to leave the country after the first 3 months, you just apply for a single, or multiple exit permit, and you can come back into the country on the same visa, as long as you are not gone more than 30 days.  From my understanding with the new media type "M" visa, you no longer have to report your address every 90 days either, just apply for a new visa after your year is up.   This all started in August of this year, and here's a clip from the Foreign Ministry's website:
    From 16 August 2010, all foreign members of media applying for media accreditation to work/reside in Thailand or to renew their visa, work permit and press card, have to submit their applications through the MFA Media Online Service (MMOS) website.
    This is a great change in this visa for those that quality, I no longer have to keep bt400,000 in a Thai bank....lolol.  A friend turned me on to this type of visa quite a few years ago, now it is even better, but only for those that quality, and can get published.
    Just thought I'd share this change with those that might find it useful, and don't know about it yet.
  9. koolbreez
    Some of you might remember this Comedian from the old Dean Martin Show.  He passed away a few years ago, but his humor is remembered on YouTube. 
    There has never been another Comedian like Foster Brooks.  He was the master of being drunk.  This is one of his better routines to celebrate the much loved, and many times rewritten "The 12 Days of Christmas" song.  I hope you enjoy his interpretation.

  10. koolbreez
    There is only one resort in all of the world that rated a perfect score in this year's Conde Nast Traverler magazine readers' choice awards - The Four Seasons Tented Camp Golden Triangle in Chiang Rai, Thailand.  That is THE BEST RESORT IN THE WORLD as rated by the readers of Conde Nast Traveler Magazine.  Lodging in Thailand has always been in the top 5, and sometimes number one, but this is the first time a resort in Thailand has gotten a perfect score (100 out of 100).  Has anyone here stayed there yet?  Maybe an idea for a TF event.
    Condé Nast Traveler:
    2010 Readers' Choice Awards:
    Perfection is rare in the world, but you found it. Our 23rd annual Readers' Choice Awards include 1,060 winners, elected by 259,116 readers whose passion is travel. The ratings are stratospheric: 281 places and properties achieve scores of 90.0 or above, from Art Nouveau palaces to South Pacific bungalows to ONE PERFECT JUNGLE CAMP in Thailand.
    What makes a perfect resort? Is it enough to have the best location? Stunning rooms? Impeccable service? Yes—and no. To strike a chord with discriminating readers, a resort must excel in all six criteria—a feat accomplished to absolute perfection by only one this year: the Four Seasons Tented Camp Golden Triangle in Chiang Rai (100).
  11. koolbreez
    This man is a professional pickpocket.

    When I first realized we were making a video about the neuroscience of magic, I had no idea I would be spending a day with Apollo Robbins, the “gentleman thief” who once relieved ex-president Jimmy Carter’s Secret Service detail of their watches, wallets, keys and badges. And yet, on a sunny morning in mid-October, Apollo arrived at the offices of Scientific American in New York City, having agreed to help us create something fun to accompany a book excerpt we ran as a cover story in the November/December 2010 issue of Scientific American MIND. This compact charismatic entertainer immediately began scanning the joint, profiling my colleagues. Would they be testy or obliging? Were they the type who could laugh at themselves? Did they have the right kind of watch, pockets, gadgets and jewelry for a fulfilling pilfering experience? Apollo is no criminal, though he knows—and has learned from—more than a few. As a result, he not only can easily distract us from our belongings but also con us into giving them up. In one case he related to me, he and some compatriots pasted an “out of order” sign on a night-deposit box and then, dressed as security guards, blithely waited for users to hand over their deposits—which one did, apparently assuming Apollo and an accomplice were bank employees. But that was reality TV, to prove a point, not to profit. Unlike his less savory friends, Apollo gives people their stuff back. To accomplish his courtly thievery, which Apollo likens to tours of a convict petting zoo, this pesky pickpocket dabbles in much more than distraction and sleight of hand. He delves deftly into human psychology. I worried increasingly throughout the day that he knew more about me than I meant to show. At first, it was small things. He assessed the confidence level of my colleagues, just as they sat at their desks. Later, on the streets of New York, I saw him work the crowd, effortlessly drawing strangers into his game, sending them into fits of giggles, and, of course, nabbing everything attached to their bodies and in their pockets. Although I watched him do this many times, I never once really saw what he was doing. This, of course, did nothing to lift my sense of unease. Apollo admitted that part of his game was an intense form of people watching. He needs people to like him, to trust him. Success at that means figuring out who you are dealing with—fast. The confident, mellow guys think it is fun when you dupe him. But alpha males need to feel as if they are running the show, or they will not cooperate. Apollo gets into people’s personal space to throw his marks off-guard and manipulates the use of space to disorient them. This gives him an advantage. How close people stand to each other also provides clues to their relationship, he says. Mostly people stand a certain distance apart or they will feel intensely uncomfortable, but men easily move very close to women who have been intimate with them. The couple doesn’t pay attention to this—but Apollo does. You can learn a lot, too, he says, by simply watching what someone is looking at. If two guys in a casino are checking out a hot babe, the motive is ordinary. If they are eyeing an old lady’s handbag, they may be up to no good.
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