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  1. Woah! Havent seen you online in a while. How are ya brother?

  2. The Punisher has completed the scored quiz How well do you know Thailand? and got a 90%. Follow this link to view their quiz - How well do you know Thailand?.
  3. Catch up on Facebook, emails to family and friends, and then go to lunch.
  4. The Punisher

    Thaksin's case.

    lol @ Beej. 'put to a good cause'... how long have you been living here now?
  5. The Punisher

    Thaksin's case.

    It's not just about a share price. It's also about a PM being involved big business when he shouldn't, and hiding assets.
  6. The Punisher

    New TF

    The site is still designed for 800 x 600 resolution. While that was fine 5 years ago, the norm today is 1024 x 768.
  7. Valentines Day. Also known as 'Singles Awareness Day'.
  8. Happy 30th Birthday Tuk.
  9. The Punisher

    For Ada

    Ada was a genuinely friendly girl. This is sad news indeed.
  10. The Punisher


    Who's Giles?
  11. I saw Stu_Thailand applying this morning. With his experience, none of the rest of us stand a chance
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