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  1. And he died in St. Petersburg, not in Moscow....
  2. That's because it isn't called the iPhone 4G but iPhone 4.... I said DON'T come out of the woodworks saying "duhhhhh!" My hate for anything Apple and it's users is too strong sorry.....
  3. That's because it isn't called the iPhone 4G but iPhone 4....
  4. Nelis

    Singapore lah~~~

    That Charlie Chaplin dude scares me....
  5. More goddamn hippies like him in Thailand than in the states if you ask me....
  6. My criteria WERE pretty simple.....
  7. Nelis

    Spain will beat Holland

    I hope you are!
  8. Nelis

    Spain will beat Holland

    Ok those Spaniards are so certain they're gonna win and now this...... We might as well not play, Spain has already won.
  9. No Greece is just ******* hopeless...
  10. I've read it but I still don't really get your point... Of course the curfew will hurt some people more than others, is that what you're trying to say? I thought you were just complaining about that fact that the shops closed at 5.30 already when the curfew is from 9 pm... Sorry if I misread.
  11. It is only 11pm to 5am? tomorrow night it will be 12am to 4am or the like. According to the Ministry of Culture all good Thais should be in bed by then anyway... :roll: Really, is it that bad? Would you prefer the small potential for some more violence and torchings in one or two locations? think about vendors or shop who selling foods at night time. have you seen it? those local food shops such as midnight khao-tom. it's not affect me actually and i am not trying to pretend to be oh-ho-so nice-innocent woman here! Sure Karnie I do understand and it is a good point you make. However, I suspect those vendors/shops would prefer to endure a few more nights of a curfew than experience the risk of having their business burnt down or destroyed? I think it is a small risk but better to be prudent is it not given some of the passions and anger still existing in parts of the city/country. There have already been a few buildings/schools set on fire in BKK and in the NE during the curfew. It should only be a few more nights and even then for only a very limited duration of 4-5 hrs a night. the timing of last few days curfew was starting from 9pm but 7-11 and all vendors/shops around my place closed at 5.30pm. i dont know why do i have to give a sh*t about its curfew and give comment here that make myself look bad in other's thought coz it's really didnt affected to me at all. oh well..... Have you ever thought about the fact that the people working there have to clean up and close the shop and then travel home again?
  12. And we've again put ourselves on the map nicely abroad. Dutchman Gijsbert Ton (picture) has something to explain to the Thai authorities. The man is locked up under suspicion of destroying state properties during the riots of the last few days. Gijsbert is said to star in this video in which a figure resembling him (from 00:18. Left in view: black pants, white shirt, long sleeves) is throwing a rock into a billboard in Chiang Mai. Nicely rioting along with paid boo-screamers in red shirts. And that's what you just aren't allowed to do in the land of the eternal smile. Not even as a farang. According to our man in Thailand Gijsbert has a red shirt girlfriend and is working as a teacher. Good luck calling the Dutch embassy Gijsbert. And enjoy your stay in Bangkok Hilton the coming period.
  13. Dingle berry!
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