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  1. Welcome! And have a nice time in Thailand.
  2. damm good choice !!! Oh yes.......not sure about the new album but Run has got to be one of my most most fave songs the new album is excellent .... give it a few more listens .... it's a grower !!! BTW the were f**king superb in BKK earlier this year !! Old alblum i also like them.
  3. In my place - Coldplay Get back to listen them, i miss them.
  4. I really want to borrow those CD hehehehe..... Cool songs.
  5. WOW!!!! Sure i wanna borrow u but how?????? I love them !!! How about 311 new album??? Good?
  6. OH ya one of my fav is 311 but i haven't listen to them often. How about Sublime?????
  7. What's music u listen to lately??? And what's song? It's mean u can recommend me a good one u like. Thnx Mine is Kevlar Soul - Kent Peace :-)
  8. Bamboo Tattoo by Blue Kho Chang .He's so cool!
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