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  1. how does a foreigner put money into the SET? what's the most convenient way/most secure way/actual nutsanbolts of getting it done?
  2. You would "like this" you simpleton clown. What the hell happened, Dipsh*t? No left wing punditry you've cut and paste? Presuming this is your authorship, it's now even more clear why you and those like you need to leave the U.S. and move to BKK. Correct.......and now more determined than ever to save the U.S. from failed European Socialism by EXTERMINATING LIBERALISM. Not quite. Republicans have shown THEY WILL EAT THEIR OWN i.e. send down and jail if necessary members that aren't ethical and break rules/laws. Yeah...add freebies, kickbacks, giveaways, bribes, cheats, extortion, food stamps, transfer payments, welfare, demonization and general uselessness. Looks/sounds like too many non-natives one encounters during a stroll along Sukhumvit or Khao San Roads. I enjoy the entertaining, comical strolls but will pass "joining" the vile club. i believe Aesop called this "sour grapes" all the vermin i loved to kick... they're gone like his favorite cheesy poprock song (dust in the wind). what'd this particular repulsiverublican retard do to actually get kicked to the curb? oh well, he was getting to be not worth kicking, anyway. the once snarlingsavagely dog could barely manage a good screetch anymore. he spent all his time lately sleeping behind the stove in his mother's kitchen. i think he must have committed cybersuicide. (he'd received notice that his internet connection was being cancelled for nonpayment). waiting by the phone and licking the bosses arse (while working the graveyard shift at the BurgerKing drivethru) just doesn't pay like it used to. RIP while you dream of the good old days when you could scrape together enough scratch to make yorself interestin to a Sukhumvit guttersnipe... suckass sucker d8-p
  3. wikileaks might not be all sweetness and light and fighting the good fight. here's an interview with a cofounder (now critic) that has been trying to trace wikileaks moneyflows: http://news.cnet.com/8301-31921_3-20011106-281.html and of course the Thai internet censors like to stick their fingers in the pie: http://www.bangkokpost.com/news/asia/191698/thailand-tries-to-block-wikileaks-website http://www.latimes.com/technology/sns-ap-as-thailand-wikileaks,0,8495.story
  4. http://www.nationmultimedia.com/specials/nationvdo/showvdo.php?id=3068&cateid=13 anythin more on the candiedicy of Pot(belliedToxin's)jomomma? (sorry, the sickly sweet-lahdeedah-politicstheworldovermakesmewanttopuke tone... i had to tune it -politics- out for a while). this thing's candiedicy would be a good test for Thai. (coming from a body, me, who's endured a place, Californicateya, where they saw fit to elect in too-quick-near-succession Ronald Raygun and Terminator. [i now await vbroker's impassioned(halfwitted?) defense of the Raygun/Arnie illegitimegalegacy/abortion.]
  5. weird ****: 1) the political anal-ysis on TF is as good as is available anywhere, with actually less dross to sift thru. 2) the strangest thing about the whole thing for me has been how people in the street seem to desperately want to forget that there was blood in the streets just a short while ago... what is real, what is not real... did it really happen... did i just see what i thought i saw... [questions i constantly ask myself in this here Big an Nasty BKK-- but then i never tire of the asking] 3) please don't close down the clubs. don't touch the clubs/clubbin! as my bank account has just now begun to recover to where i can once again start to hit em hard d8-D without those pumpin discos, Thai is just an insufferable shopping complex plopped down in the middle of a buffalo wallow (or at least it's eevolution in that direction is rapidly gaining speed). ps the night Seh Deng was shot, those taxis and tuktuks and milling motocys at the corner of Lumpini Park and as far as the eye could see, parked six deep in either direction... i don't believe they were there because they were being paid. they might be ignorant, but when has the rabble been anything but ignorant? you think the massacrees/mob at the Boston Massacre were sophisticated urbanites? you can call me StEevolution. pps a little bird told me Piant was first in line to offer Purcell a job... as an English teacher. he'll be working under the Dutch ex-junkie. file this under "faces only mothers (and rapacious bi-lingual school admins) can love"
  6. proof positive that Thailand is getting soft: jeezus! couldn't they wipe the smirk off this ignorant cocksuckers face? they've had months to do it. maybe it has something to do with not wanting to abuse the mentally defective, no matter how they beg for it. he's way too fat and sassy, and he seems to still have most of his teeth. this is wrong!
  7. seems the pot is calling Obama black. i'm glad these Northern Iowa Tea Partiers got Hitler's picture up there, and their blurb about fearmongering. will no one notice that what they accuse Obama of doing... is exactly what they are doing? yes Americans are afraid. they allowed themselves to be herded into Iraq, like a bunch of bleating rabbits, had their pockets and what was left of their bank accounts cleaned there (in addition to the countless millions being spent on "security" as we speak)... and now that they're really broke... they're really really afraid. i gotta say though, this is a new low for public political discourse in the US: putting the picture of a sitting President on a billboard between Lenin and Hitler... i've never seen anything like it... you might have seen something like this in the back of some zine... but not on a billboard... they're doing Adolph proud. ps i gotta feel that Obama being black has something to do with the ferocity and lack of respect engendered in these attacks. the white trash, when they see a colored man inserted above them, when the white trash has their noses rubbed in the fact that they are demonstrably inferior to a colored man (something they have been spoonfed since birth as impossible)... they go apeshit nuts. they want to lynch and castrate and burn. they are unspeakably furious. poor babies.
  8. done! maybe i've been in Thai too long, but that Pallin thing holdin a Bible is not a vision of Paradise to me. your designs on and for Limbarger... well after the two of you use his "ban breastfeeding in public" campaign as foreplay, i'd only request that you carry out whatever nefascistic oily weirdness that follows behind it... that you PLEASE carry on your carrying-on behind closed, tightly shut doors. thank you.
  9. this is true! i have seen reliable photos on the internet of G Beck dipping his drooping scrotum along a sleeping "friend's" face. (not very far down said face... but we can't all be equally endowed by the creator).
  10. ne! Unless they have strong evidence against him. If Jutuporn was released on bail then Savage, at least, should be unchained. I could be wrong but I understood it was normal practice here for all detainees to be chained when they appear in court to reduce the risk of escape. Savage and Purcell also both have the added problem that they have committed immigration offences. Both when arrested were unlawfully in the country given that their respective visas had expired. Savage received a 2 yr suspended sentence if I remember correctly. Purcell claiming he had lost his passport had been given an emergency travel document to go home but chose not to use it. Thus, they cannot be conditionally released on bail, only deported. Didn't Connor also claim he was working? Have a vague memory of that but he also claimed ot be in the SAS and a sniper and an international political scientist and probably also claimed to a good lover to a few young red maidens in the crowd! check out his squash. the guy has obviously had brain surgery... and needs a second round. the debilitating tropical heat during his time on the street has furthermore curdled what brains he'd managed to hang onto (also, being Australian he deals with innate crippling cultural and intellectual handicaps which we don't have time or space to explore here). shed no tears for him. he'll be dancin in those shackles like an organ grinder's monkey (hat in hand, smile on face) in no time. the other guy, my heart goes out to... fatfaced **** that he is... he's been in service to the queen (of England)... she ain't no human bean! time around Buckinham Palace being ordered to prance dance and spin by the lavender smelling lilacs to be found there would make anybody want to smash and burn. (he did make an arrogant whitey's poor choice of the wrong time and place to act out, and should and will pay for it).
  11. crawl back under your SLIMY rightwing rock.
  12. WHO'LL EVER REALLY KNO? Interesting questions. I 'suspect' that the blackshirts were at least indirectly financed by Thaksin but that is all. Why would they burn down Central, when the Chirathivat family were on his side while he was in control - say the sacking of the editor of the 'Bangkok Post -' or why would they attempt to burn down channel 3 while there was a Maleenont prominent in Thaksin's Government. that Central World and an aged cinema burned, while Central Chidlom (where insurance money had already been collected) was buttoned up like a bionic turtle, is an extremely interesting situation. i was SOOO looking forward to drinking coffee in a Starsucks that had been consecrated/burnedtoaf**kinblakkrisp by an angry mob... life can be so litturd with disappointment. yours in sport, St Eevolution.
  13. Boobs in Thailand: has Purcell yet learned to bare his ass and grab his ankles on command? has Mr. "fierce of countenace" found his hollidaying testicles? say what you want about them, but they are representative representatives of "folangs in thailand", both in intellect and insight. i'm sure they've been contacted and offered English teaching positions by reprehenspected institutions by now.
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