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  1. Seriously, where do they go when they are older? Ive been to THL many times, lived there for 15 months on one strech, travelled north to south, east to west.I have never seen an 'older' Thai ladyboy. Someone posted on a another site said that many ladyboys succumb to a promiscuos lifestyle and die the result of the various afflictions that come with unprotected high risk intercourse.Thats a pretty broad generalization, and I dont see this lifestyle as something you just 'outgrow' as you get older, so what else is there? Like once in MBK i saw a LB working there that must have been late 20's or early 30's but thats it and LBs are so common in THL i dont even give them a second look any more. Anyone? ...Anyone?....Bueller?
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