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  1. Good ones....Rotting leaves and really really OLD books are up there too (I love going to a main library for that reason)! Some others that I remember fondly... Jasmine Lillies My cedar humidor My gradeschool pencil box Freshly cut grass Bacon Wood burning in a fireplace Pipe smoke Rain (but there's something about New England rain that's better than any other place I've been) The first snow of the year Frankincense and Myrrh
  2. No way, that's why I moved back here. I work in IT here, and make many times my Thai salary.
  3. I grew up in a haunted house. Houses without things that go bump in the night seem boring and empty to me. It would be like someone paying me 130k to go home for the night, lol.
  4. This is a LOOOOONG thread, and I did a little skipping, so if my two cents have already been paid by someone else, then I apologize. One thing I'd like to bring up is that MOST farang who come to Thailand also LEAVE Thailand eventually too. We all want to work towards our own future, retirement, or at LEAST financial security. I worked in BKK as an English teacher for Berlitz at what is, in Thailand, considered a reasonable rate. I just about got by with this. The first year or so, before I became proficient in Thai, I was taken advantage of by Thai merchants who thing Farang are made of
  5. I saw a news story about a place (I think it was somewhere in France) where you could go and pay a fee to take the weapon of your choice and destroy a junked (but otherwise whole-looking) automobiile. It looks very therapeutic. If you can't find a place like that, you could probably just use the car of the person who pissed you off.
  6. I prefer no makeup for the simple reason that there will be no unpleasant surprises waking up some morning.
  7. If I led you to believe I have written off white women, I'm sorry. I'm not racist. It's American(esque) culture that I don't care for, and I don't care to pursue anything serious with a product of that culture. Not to say I would flat out refuse an attractive American woman. I just wouldn't consider getting too serious. And don't disrespect me by saying I'm looking for something "subservient." Never, in anything I wrote, did I imply that. You can think I'm an a**hole all you want, and I don't give a flying ****, but don't make **** up and slander me with it. Ok?
  8. :shock: wow. boston you're really laying on the charm. i'm sure there are dozens of women reading this saying "wow. that's what i want. a guy who's annoyed with me before we even meet, just coz i'm female." I am talking about females because this is in the context of romantic relationships. There are very few people, female or not, who would not annoy me given enough time with them. Again, not to say there cannot be a constructive relationship. There just has to be acceptance on both sides. And besides, since when was chatting on a forum about laying on charm? Is it not more about speak
  9. I know precious few men who, having been with their women for a long time, do not find them highly annoying in at least a few ways. So what does what I have to say reveal about me? While I aspire to have the patience of these precious few, I have yet achieved this, and doubt I ever will. This is not to say that you cannot love someone who annoys you. If I couldn't, then i'd be a very lonely man, which I am not. Like I said, you need to find mutual acceptance as well as positive things in common. I doubt anyone (with the exception of one young TF girl) would argue with that.
  10. Well said. I don't have a race preference either. I make my judgements based on the individual attractiveness and personality. I make culture a starting point for looking, but I certainly wouldn't refuse to date a really nice American woman.
  11. Fake? I know a couple of kratoeys that might take exception to that remark. Beauty is beauty. I just have a hangup about being attracted to another man. I won't allow that to happen. Not to mention that my door is exit-only, if you know what I mean...
  12. Had my first when I was 17. Went 2 years exactly after that before I got my next nookie.
  13. Then I wouldn't expect anything more from you than I would expect from an American. Thankfully, I've met only patient women from Thailand. Personally, there isn't a woman on the face of the Earth that I don't find annoying. Unfortunately the things I find annoying are things that go along with being female, not with being Thai, American, etc. However, the happiness comes when I find one with whom I can have a mutual acceptance of annoying things.
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