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  1. I could chat with you if i were a Premium Member :))

    How you doing bro? Happy new year ;))

  2. Jon stewart gets air time on MSNBC and FOX. They both use clips of his show.
  3. Happy Birthday Melon !
  4. We need to bring back regulation of the bankers but we need to ask them if its ok......
  5. I agree and will say again ,we need to dump the old version of progress. Living against the natural world is suicide.
  6. Happy New Year ! Safe travels !
  7. With 7 or so billion it would be foolish to think there isn't some human influence.
  8. ok choking but i bet they chock also !
  9. Everyone should be doing the same. Big oil has been chocking off the competition for too long.
  10. What is the cost of polluting the planet with nuclear waste. Idiots !
  11. If it was guinness I would be happier ! nice one, Have a Great New Years !
  12. I could see solar panels with a geo thermal well which it seems could be adapted to tap some of the bacteria substrates. Bacteria are not the enemy they are made to be. We need to learn to live with the earth with as much efficiency as possible. Miracles could happen!
  13. from Dr Mike: The maintenance on the system is extreme as well. As for my "current" project, forgive the pun, I am a committee member of a team that is creating a system which extracts power from the redox reactions in the ground, thereby taking the H+ ions from the bacteria substrates. We use it via a step up circuit to charge a similar system. It requires virtually no sunlight and charges lithium batteries at 12 volts. (Clemson University) sounds like a great idea hope it evolves and is used !
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