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  1. GAV

    Hello TF

    Next time you are out at the supermarket, check out the green lipped muscles, they are yummy mak mak and very cheap. When I was last there they were $NZ 1.00 per kg bothe Pak n Save (Park n Spend) and Woolworths have them. When in season make sure you try the Bluff Oysters and the scnapper any time you can get it. The Orange ROUGHY IS VERY GOOD ALSO.
  2. I got me a Blu Ray player when I got my new flat screen (LED) what ever that means. I got it because I thought you needed it to watch Blue Movies. Now I'm stuck because the local CD/DVD retialer does not stock Blue Movies and Canberra is a long drive. Any suggestion ??
  3. There were so many unsung HERO's at Twin Towers that day !!!
  4. GAV

    You would look good under me. Dam U are easy to please. Only 3.5 inches. You would end up with only half lol Can I fold it in 2 ??? ^___*

  5. Do you belive in Karma ? I am a Karma melian. I Karma n Go !!!
  6. I am with Dano, I dont do tours, prefer to travel off the beaten track advoiding tourist traps. (Big cities are the same the world over) I like to meet rural Thais. Visit a village and see how they live and work. That is how to see the real Thailand. I guess I am just a country boy at heart
  7. Sex is almost free, but why does love COST so much !!!
  8. cool profile pic. like to see it in your album so i can see it larger.

  9. Come on guys, He is American. He cant help it,
  10. U missed a few but I get it loud n clear. Time to start wearing my cross trainers again I think :-)
  11. Yep you are right, Rumour has it that at least half of them have even larger vaginas !!!
  12. Let all the ***** of the world unite and put down the Naysayers. And silence forever their Wowser ways !!!
  13. iBatch

    Hello hansum man,

    iSo so sorry for such a late reply.. always got me page on but not active... and iToo busy renaming things in my house before Apple does. iNow has an iToaster, iBlender, iTampo, iDildo... Ooh sorry, i got carry away..

  14. GAV

    Hmmmm I must rank very high as I have 10 1/2" lol. Are you a good girl or a nice girl ? If ya are interested in meeting me, we can arrange to meet. However I must warn you that ya better behave, No acting prim n proper and if ya get legless ya can find ya own way home as I wont be carrin ya lol !!!

  15. As a rule of thumb for guys, they say if you date someone half your age plus 7 years, it's fine. So if a fossilized n grey old man of 60 should be going out with a girl of 37. or if ya 40 a girl of 27.
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