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  1. i am durian - strong smell, hard appearance with thorn but inside are soft,sweet and delicious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. เพลง : ฝ่ายเดียว ศิลปิน : อัญชลี จงคดีกิจ เนื้อเพลง : ใจแอบชอบเขาเพียงฝ่ายเดียว เขาไม่เหลียวแลมองดูเรา เราใกล้ชิดเขาเพียงแค่เงา เลยโศกเศร้าระทมฝ่ายเดียว จิตใจร้อน ๆ หนาว ๆ ทำไมต้องเศร้าแต่เพียงผู้เดียว ทำไมต้องอยู่กันบนโลกเดียว เขาไม่เหลียวแลต่อฉัน ไม่อยากให้โลกนี้มีเขา เราจะได้ไม่ต้องพบกัน ความใฝ่ฝันคงจริงสักวัน ใครไม่ฝัน ฉันฝัน ฝ่ายเดียว
  3. ANYONE CAN UNBORED ME?????????????????????????????????????????????/:rolleyes:
  4. real love WE can find from our parent only. How can WE expect the strangers ( born in different family) to give us a real love? can't be right? All human are selfish so do whatever make you happy
  5. Chorus : I feel lonely, lololololonely You're the one and only That makes me feel so blue I feel lonely, lololololonely You're the one and only That makes my dreams come true All across the universe Every boy and every girl Is looking for this thing called love So why do all the other guys Got pretty women by their side Some guys really can't complain Every night I lay awake and cry I'm missing someone to stand by my side [Chorus] I feel lonely It's not easy to fall in love So I pray to god above Lord I need a helping hand Hey Mr. DJ play this song I felt lonely for so long This is my SOS for love All the time I got it on my mind Someone to hold me tight is hard to find [Chorus ]
  6. nice story, finally..................thailand........................... welcome home ROB
  7. Nowsaday, i've seen many guest number, so i wonder that why don't u join the site as a member so tht u can keep interact by posting in forum , blog and many more. I think just being a reader- one way communication is not fun though. Moreover, as a non-premium member, it's free of charge lol (right?bill) But if you guys have already been member, why don't u just show up , plz don't be shy lol
  8. share yours plzzzzzzzzzz:) For me, i wish i could die when i reach 40 years old so my resolution is gonna done all of my pending projects in 2013-2018 what about u?
  9. someone said just ignor and the prob will be gone but the prob is i can't ignor it so if u were me, what would u do?
  10. In my opinion and observation, when guy and gal being in relationship, 99% of gals always show picture of them as a couple with sweet explainations and show her status in FB as "in relationship", while most of the guys hesitate to do those things. However, recently, i found the different that instead of the gal, a guy does those things in his FB, while his gal FB show nothing about them. That's make me doubt why???????????? the gal is too to shy to present or she is not sure about their relationship or she is now looking for some better guy???????????????? any ideas? plz share
  11. have you guys ever thought that the current situation we r facing now are the result from what we have done in the past in this present life or resulting from the things we had done in our past life or just our fate????????????????????????????????
  12. if u have to choose between a thai lady boy and an average thai gal, which one u want? and why?
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