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  1. hi

    how are you

  2. 4. "Toothpicks": Rainman 13. "Handle" : A few good men 14. "Carpe" (@DANNO: Dead Poet's Society )
  3. 3 'Chianti' - Silence of the Lambs 5. 'Loohoosuheeur' - Ace Ventura (it's Jim Carey that's for sure) 7 'Shire' - Lord of the Rings 11 'Greed' - 7even 12 'Napalm' - Apocalypse Now 16 'Hooha!' - Black Hawk Down (or any movie with Army Rangers in it) 17 'Shaken' - Any James Bond with a bar scene 18 'Hasta' - Terminator 19 'Royale' - Pulp Fiction
  4. Bware has completed the scored quiz How well do you know Thailand? and got a 10%. Follow this link to view their quiz - How well do you know Thailand?.
  5. Bware

    What Do You Think ????

    i think he's . dead ..
  6. new TF event soon :-) ?
  7. doing fine thanks :-). Getting ready for our trip to Thailand end of the month :-)

  8. Who says I think differently ? A private message doesn't means it's "bad, naughty" ... don't assume the obvious ;-) btw: my message is visible on her "visitors message" page ... I felt like Nostradamus after sending the message and getting the "full box" back
  9. Thanks for keeping my anonymity ... oops damn
  10. Congratulations on making the home page of the new TF ....

    And with your profile picture, you are sure to get a ****load of private messages now .. lol.

  11. You started it ... I just smeared open your poop so we agree its a bullshit answer If you talk about the fact that I think you are a 'studmuffin' .. yes that was clearly bullshit .. I prefer the term sarcasm though
  12. You started it ... I just smeared open your poop
  13. Well it said 0-10, so i still have a big margin bfore getting to level 2. Me thinks, that my wife might hold me back from ever reaching the next levels in this bpoll
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