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  1. Hi, we are looking for staff for two projects: First is to build a new webpage for your company with similar designs and functions as www.rituals.com The second is more complex, since we are looking to intergrate a Customer Relationship Management program with a stock program, and a pricing program (needs to make calculations with variables such as tax depending on materials used, transport by sea and road and commissions to sales staff and much, much more....) The applicants will have to be based in BKK or willing to relocate there for a short time. Wages are USD 9.00 per hour, roughly 270 bath per hour, paid weekly Work will be conducted on our premises and using our computers, we are not interested in freelancers working from home. If you have any questions or to send you CV, please contact us on paul_999_............., we can then supply the name of our company and more details regarding the job. The optimal would be to find one hardworking "Jack of all trades" but we are looking for 1-3 staff, since the project is urgent and is to start from next week.
  2. Hi, have no idea how to PM on this forum, but im interested in your house, im Swedish and in the process of moving my family down to BKK, can you please send some more info and photos of the house to my email... [email protected]
  3. Hi, are you still in Shanghai?

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