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  1. very interesting: This Dude is really fascinated by a slinky... No, I mean really... He really is... Leading the way to the new and improved slinky technology...
  2. Leon Knight commentates on his own goals Now, whatever you do, it's important to take pride in your job. But there's a point when confidence in your achievements goes a little too far... Check out this increasingly bizarre video of him narrating his more recent goals. The Dude, is a Legend in his own mind!!! LOL hahahaha
  3. David Coulthard catches 178mph golf ball in Mercedes-Benz SLS Dayum the Roadster Rocks!!!
  4. Cleveland weatherman reacts to Miami Heat win in game 5 http://youtu.be/6vMsRIKKv1w
  5. WTF? how does one accidently put Super Glue on a toliet seat...Doesn't one look down at the toliet seat before sitting down... butt<---- yeah no pun intended I did get a little chuckle... poor woman...
  6. I agree... This is a shame.. Credibility is at stake puts boxing back 50 years... Well IMO they should be able to overturn it when the judging is this blatantly bad and it's on film to boot... I'm not gonna watch the next one... not gonna get suckered into watching the next one...
  7. Pacquiao wants rematch with Bradley - Fox Sports MANILA, Philippines (AP) Manny Pacquiao says he wants a rematch with Timothy Bradley after a five-judge panel assembled by the WBO championship committee unanimously favored the Filipino fighter in a video review. Pacquiao said Thursday he would prefer a rematch rather than Bradley giving up the WBO welterweight title that he won on a split decision because ''people may think I just usurped it.'' The five judges on the review panel all scored the fight in Pacquiao's favor — 117-111, 117-111, 118-110, 116-112 and 115-113. At the June 9 bout i
  8. Detroit Man Gambled Away Over $1.5M After ATM Error A Detroit man is facing 15 months in prison after he was able to withdraw unlimited ATM cash from his Bank of America account that only held a few dollars. August 1, because of the bank error, he withdrew $312,000 from ATMs at Greektown Casino in Detroit, then $51,727 the same day from MGM Grand Casino. Finally, on August 18, Bank of America placed a hold on his account when it was overdrawn by over $1.5 million, his indictment states. read more...
  9. Dude, we were all saying bullshiat... Pac landed I believe something like 259 of his punches thrown... and Bradley landed like about 159 of his thrown... so I'm not sure what those two judges were seeing... I think the only way Pac would have won this fight was to literally knock Bradley out... Bradley looked chiseled and well in shape but didn't IMO make sufficient connects and combo punches.. Once again i'm glad I didn't PPV this fight.. The only reason I saw this one as like the Maywether vs Cotto fight was because of a buddy had paid for it... But boxing IMO is getting so ridiculous the
  10. Pacquiao loses to Bradley by decision Timothy Bradley promised to shock, though the biggest shock in his fight with Manny Pacquiao came from the judges' scorecards. [h=3]PACQUIAO-BRADLEY[/h] Miss any action from Saturday night's fights? We've got you covered with the best shots from Manny-Pacquiao vs. Timothy Bradley. In a fight Pacquiao seemed to have in hand, two judges decided otherwise, giving Bradley a split decision Saturday night and ending the Filipino fighter's remarkable seven-year unbeaten run. read more...
  11. Yuhuuu Chuck! Hope you'll be online tonight :)))

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