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    My Paradise

    Hi Nui, thanks for sharing these! I must get over to the West coast at some point too! Rob
  2. Thanks Cheese for posting these - what a fantastic day for the children So pleased I got there! Love Rob
  3. Thanks Cheese for posting these - what a fantastic day for the children So pleased I got there! Love Rob
  4. It is one event that I am so glad I did not miss! To see the smiles on those children's faces was delight enough and the fact that we have raised some much needed cash for Khru Noi and her work, even better. Well done the organisers and let's make it an annual event. Rob
  5. ¹èÒÃÑ¡áÅ÷Ãà Åé¹´éÇÂ!! âÃà ºÔÃìµ
  6. Well I am sure that Sigmund never mistook his wife for a hat... Or am I confusing the ego with a bowler? :-)
  7. With the forces of the old elite squaring up to the PAD, this decision by the UK authorities is likely to bring the current stand off to a head, sooner rather than later but with consequences that no one can really foresee. For the average Thai (whoever she may be) it must be hard to take sides, as the country tears itself apart. Michael Backman?s piece in The Age sums it up well (written of course before the latest move by UK authorities). Robert "How Thailand's evolution into a stable democracy has gone into reverse By Michael Backman The Age November 5, 2008 THINGS in Thailand are a m
  8. What about... "Would you like to see my etchings"? :-) !
  9. Hi Chris! Many Happy Returns of the day! Irene and Rob
  10. Brilliant voice... "Broadsword calling Danny Boy...", another great voice and acting performance.
  11. ¤Ø³µÒÅ :-) These situations may appear something or nothing - until they develop into something much more serious. Trying to reason with people who inherently don't wish to listen can be futile and worse. But well done for trying and thanks for telling us about this story - ¶Ö§áÃéÇèÒà Ã×èçäÃè´Õà ÅÂ!
  12. The book is interesting and one of a number in its 'genre' published by Maverick House. The other closely related book is by Susan Dustin (Aldous) and called "The Angel of Bangkwang", an autobiography. In the book, she details some of the work that she has been involved in as a care worker in Bangkwang prison (the "Bangkok Hilton" for those unaware) and our friend The Last Executioner above and Susan, became good friends!!! Robert
  13. Grooved_Arete

    random soi shots

    More interesting images - well done - any technical data? Rob
  14. Grooved_Arete

    Ko Tao part I

    ÃèÒÇ©ÅÒà - very nice! Or was it the lady just below :-) ? A favourite destination of mine (à ¡ÒÃà µèÒ) with lots of dive instruction opportunities and a fairly laid back life style! Good to see you enjoying yourselves, Rob
  15. Thanks for sharing and the technical info too! I am sure all TFers interested in photography appreciate this. Poul and Elegant consistently produce good results too but Poul is a professional! Robert
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