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  1. what a lovely baby. congrats to you and khun Jeab
  2. I only watched the movie cos of Channing Tatum hahahaha
  3. A friend told me it was invented in Scotland. Is that correct? Even The Simpsons has an episode for winter olympics and it's curling
  4. Not sure about boring but I think Curling is the funniest sport ever. I couldnt stop laughing when I watched.
  5. My first thought when I saw BB was ..a calculator..so I' d say iphone.
  6. Nice journal as always..a very nice place as well ^^
  7. Im a big fan of Lost too. Watched the premier yesterday and totally loved it. Now I wish everyday was Wednesday
  8. bit sad (almost cried) but love it.
  9. GuessWho

    The power of makeup

    wowwww i need to learn that!
  10. GuessWho

    Thank you

    want u want V? Blow up doll? ..get a permission from Anna and ill think about it
  11. Pizza. Tom Yum Kung topping sorry no pics..busy eating
  12. GuessWho

    Let it snow

    love the second pic
  13. GuessWho

    Bon Anniversaire

    Happy birthday uncle Vincent all the best! booked the ticket yet??
  14. GuessWho

    Our Anniversary

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