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  1. that is kool im soo gonna apply there lol
  2. Thanks for joining the Nostalgica group! Hope you have a good time there and also at TF in general!

  3. he might not be but i am lol
  4. john12492002

    Muslim Salad

    nawww i dont wanna try i love my thai food
  5. i cant wait till i be married love this page
  6. john12492002

    Bangkok Day Tour

    kool trip i have to check them places out when im there this fall
  7. i wanna go is he ur new bf?
  8. john12492002

    Quicky One!!

    eat well and have fun ;-)
  9. john12492002

    Too Risky!!!

    dont do as i do i drive on highway and sleep but i made a promise to some one that i wont do it again
  10. john12492002


    awwwwwwwwwww i missed it?. i love ice cream i would of joined if i was there ill be there in tha fall so ill buy u some ice cream
  11. john12492002


    good luck i know u will pass that class ;-)
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