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  1. hahahahaha when did you develop a s-s-s-s-s-s tutter :P

  2. G..G..G...Goo..d.... n..ig...ht... kaaaaaa ;p

  3. hey hello again Miss No: 6 :D Sabai dee mai?

    Its always good to hear from you, Im just admiring your new photos, someone has been a busy girl ;-)

    Im just jealous, I wish I had a nice model for my camera too :P

    I hope everything is good and youre having fun doing whatever youre doing :-)

  4. Sir,George... nice to see u online here.. ^^ sa bai dee mai jaaaaaa?;p

  5. I_am_George has completed the scored quiz How well do you know Thailand? and got a 0%. Follow this link to view their quiz - How well do you know Thailand?.
  6. Hey hello Number 6 :D

    It took my 10 minutes to find your message on this fancy new TF version, nice to see they still kept you here or I would have no numbers to talk about :P

    Hope youre having fun doing whetever youre doing ;-)

  7. say Hi ^^ ...from. Miss no.6 eieiei (TF v.3 :P)

  8. ask her for a loan :-)
  9. Its times like this that Im happy in not there
  10. I_am_George

    1 woman=4 minutes

    I think the word ARSE is suitable right now.........................
  11. Shes a bit ratty and short tempered...............must be her bad week!!!
  12. I_am_George

    It's alright.

    Good men are boring? Hmmmmmmmmmm Thats it, Im off to smack some ***** up!!!!
  13. You dont need to sack her, shes not up to the required standard and her contract should be terminated at the end of her probation period.................assuming she was told she was on a probation period when she started. She's obviously not the person for the job, it happens.............
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